Charlize Theron scolds French TV presenter for kissing her unsuspecting interpreter

Charlize Theron scolds French TV presenter for kissing her unsuspecting interpreter

Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron is as outspoken as they come in Hollywood. When she's not educating people on the basic concept of letting your own children determine their gender identity for themselves, she is scolding TV presenters for disregarding people's right to consent to being kissed.

The latter incident took place recently in a TV interview - 44-year-old Cyris Hanouna being the offending presenter.

This is the moment Charlize Theron scolded a French TV presenter for kissing a female interpreter without asking:

Theron appeared on the show, known as Touche Pas A Mon Poste, with her Long Shot co-star Seth Rogen, who responded with a simple "yes", in agreement with the Monster actress' reproach of the presenter.

It appears there had been some sort of difficulties with translation and communication from the start of the interview. So Hanouna decided to ask the interpreters to make their way over to his A-list guests.

The 43-year-old mom-of-two was evidently uncomfortable when Hanouna planted a kiss on the cheek of the interpreter, known as Nadia.

"Maybe ask next time?" she suggested without a hint of hesitation.

This simple yet powerful statement garnered the actress a great deal of praise from fans who commended Theron for standing up for the interpreter.

The awkward moment has since gone viral, accumulating millions of views on Twitter. Plenty of people took to the micro-blogging site to condemn the presenter's impulsive peck:

But not everyone agreed with the backlash. In fact, some people went as far as to defend the French presenter.

And this certainly isn't the first time the show has come under fire for engaging in 'sexism'.

During one controversial episode, a man kissed a woman's breasts non-consensually which resulted in her filing a complaint for sexual assault.

Check out the brazen moment: