Chrissy Teigen asks her followers to help her pick her baby's outfit

Chrissy Teigen asks her followers to help her pick her baby's outfit

Chrissy Teigen is known as the queen of Instagram for good reason: she always makes an effort to look her absolute best. Whether she's lying on a sun lounger at a white-sand beach, or doing the modelling work she's famous for, just enjoying some quality time with her family; she looks stunning and her dress sense is impeccable. That's probably why the general public clamour to see more of her, and ss a direct result of her looks and style, Chrissy's managed to earn a pretty devoted fanbase; boasting over 21 million Instagram followers. Pretty impressive huh?

However, that doesn't mean that she's afraid of seeking some advice from time-to-time, and she appreciative of some help when it comes to raising her son Miles. This week she took to Twitter to share a pair of pictures of her baby boy, wearing two different colours of tuxedo: black and white. Chrissy had decided to throw her husband John Legend a belated birthday party, and wasn't sure which colour palate would be best for little Miles to wear at his dad's birthday bash.

Chrissy tweeted: "Ok guys. throwing John’s 40th birthday party tonight but need your help dressing mini-john. Which one!" before adding a poll into the mix as well. Miles' wardrobe choice certainly garnered a hell of a lot of social, media attention, and the poll now boasts over  800,000 votes. At the time of writing, the white tux appears to be the public's favourite garment, with 67 per cent of people voting for that choice as the best one. However, there's been no word yet on which one Chrissy actually picked.

Needless to say though, her fans were pretty enthusiastic about Miles' clothes. For instance, one Chrissy fan wrote: "Oh OK, YES, THIS. I voted white tux, but now I'm on Team Outfit Change. Can easily coincide with diaper change time. It just makes sense. [sic]" Another person added: "Although in all fairness white + babies is rarely a good idea. But he looks so freaking adorable in it," and another Twitter-user chimed in: "Adorable as always! I say go with what is easiest and who knows, baby may force you to use both outfits either with a spit-up or diaper change. Pack both! Handsome outfits!"

This week, Chrissy also proved that she's just as down-to-earth as any other gal when she informed her many followers that she'd somehow managed to develop an angry, itchy red rash on her butt and thighs. Chrissy then asked her fans if they wanted to check out her hives, and even invited them to vote on the decision in the form of a poll. It seems as though the curious people outnumbered the squeamish, and so Chrissy promptly posted the pics of herself for all the world to see. Man, she really likes to share stuff huh? I think I'd be a little more private about that kind of thing. Just sayin'.