Chrissy Teigen cheekily made fun of Instagram fitness models with her own 'before-and-after' shots

Chrissy Teigen cheekily made fun of Instagram fitness models with her own 'before-and-after' shots

One of the main reasons we all love Chrissy Teigen so damn much is because she's always keeping it real. Yes, she posts adorable pictures of her two impossibly cute children, but she also reminds fans that there's much more to parenting than the sappy social media updates (remember the maternity underwear post?).

And yes, she's a model who lives among the rich and famous in LA, but she also shares the everyday struggles we all face – like insatiable pasta cravings and our embarrassing addictions to trashy TV. The 32-year-old isn't afraid to speak her mind with her fans on social media, and often does so with a #nofilter kind of attitude.

In fact, her latest post subtly makes fun of fellow models like herself. More specifically, she's making a social commentary on the breed of models who've found their fame through Instagram: so-called "fitness models". One scroll through the platform and it's not hard to see tall, leggy girls with booties that look especially peachy thanks to tactical posing and flattering leggings from brands that have undoubtedly sponsored the post.

While most of these girls do work out a lot and eat healthy diets, not all fitness models promote a realistic kind of lifestyle of how they got their enviable figures. It's these girls which Chrissy decided to poke fun at with her own 'before-and-after' fitness photos.

While on holiday in Bali with her family, Chrissy hit the gym in their luxurious villa to send some fitness updates to her fans. She posted a video doing reverse leg presses on a machine with the caption "Before".

She then posted another pic to show off her results. "After," she wrote in the caption. "Just do squats, guys!"

Wow, that simple workout really did wonders!

Clearly, she used the easy-to-use apps many fitness models (unfortunately) use to enhance their figure – making her waist super-skinny and her behind extra bootilicious – though it seems she may have taken it a bit far. Judging by the sarcastic caption and the laugh on her face as she strikes the "After" pose, Chrissy is obviously poking fun at the Instagram fitness models who do this.

She posted the same image to Twitter, this time with the caption "i have been training. to be an Instagram fitness model. this is after one bag of tea and 5 reps of 2 squats !!!! If I can do it so Can U!!!!"

Obviously getting a carefully sculpted figure isn't just about doing a little bit of targeted exercise and drinking dubious-sounding teas that claim to help you get in shape, and this is clearly what Chrissy is trying to point out. Fans found it quite funny, with some going along with the joke.

Okay, maybe this woman took it a little too far, but Chrissy still found it funny.

Someone else clearly didn't get the joke...

And this person went along with the joke to "expose" Chrissy and her poor editing skills.

Oh Chrissy, we love you so.