Chrissy Teigen fired back at a troll calling her 'ugly', and the internet totally has her back

Chrissy Teigen fired back at a troll calling her 'ugly', and the internet totally has her back

It seems Chrissy Teigen has it all: looks, smarts and a lively sense of humour. Let's not forget her adorable little family, including her husband John Legend and their two so-cute-I-could-eat-them kids. (No, that wasn't intended to sound as creepy as it did.) The 32-year-old and her husband of five years welcomed their son Miles to the world just over a month ago, and their family seems to be bursting with love right now.

However, while the rest of us are over here cooing at all the adorable baby pics, it seems some people can't keep their fingers from the keypad in order to spread some vile commentaries about another person's life. Yes, even Chrissy Teigen is subject to internet trolls, showing that no-one is immune from bullying.

However, the model, mother and all-round bad-a** was not going to let a grumpy little troll get her down, and she responded in the most perfect way.

Celeb gossip mag Page Six reshared an Instagram pic of Chrissy and her family, writing in the caption: "Too cute! #ChrissyTeigen, #JohnLegend and little Luna are picture perfect in pink!". Chrissy's post of the same picture was flooded with the familiar comments like "Such a beautiful family" and "Adorbs", but there was a noticeably more back-handed comment left on the Page Six post.

"1st pic I've seen where CT doesn't look ugly," a troll calling themselves BabsyBeatz wrote. Riiight...

While vitriol like this generally shouldn't warrant a response, Chrissy decided to share the hateful comment directed at her with her fans. Uploading a screenshot of the post to Twitter, Chrissy wrote: "thank u babsy beatz I am glad i did well for u last night".

Her sarcastic clapback is perfect in demonstrating that no-one should feel as if someone else's opinion about their looks should dictate their self-worth. And it seems Chrissy's followers were totally here for it, deciding to teach the troll as few more life lessons that might stop their keyboard warrior ways in the future.

Someone else decided to do a little investigating and found BabsyBeatz's profile, noting "Oh no honey what is you doin...".

Which Chrissy noticed too, admitting "Oh wow that is a lot".

Well, it seems no matter what kind of hate Chrissy gets from time to time, she sure knows how to handle it. She's loved for her open and honest presence on social media, commenting about the hilariously mundane moments in life, and also sharing pictures of herself that don't always show her most perfect Instagrammable self.

Like, this very candid post-partum recovery selfie for example:

The key thing to take from this kind of thing is that you can choose to let haters get you down, or you can dismiss their comments and bask in your self-made confidence – and drink in some of the supportive comments from fans too.