Chrissy Teigen models new leggings with John Legend's face on the bottom

Chrissy Teigen models new leggings with John Legend's face on the bottom

Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram last night to share an absolutely amazing present she'd received: namely, a pair of leggings with her husband, John Legend's face on the butt. And in true Chrissy Teigen fashion, she made the whole situation even funnier than it already was.

"we get...really random stuff sent to the house," the model captioned the post, where she can be seen showing off the leggings in all their glory; black with pink and orange stripes... culminating with a picture of John's face in a large heart. And given that she's the veritable queen of Twitter, she followed up there, writing "thanks to whomever sent these."

Watch as Chrissy Teigen and John Legend get frisky at Kris Jenner's mansion in hilarious video:

And of course, the mystery gifter was none other other than Queer Eye's Antoni Poroski, who wrote on the post: "I’m happy you’re enjoying them ❤️."

The post was quickly inundated with fans requesting their own custom heart butt leggings. And luckily for them, the brand's identity was revealed to be Goldsheep, and they sell leggings, which you can adorn with anything from pizzas, to you know, John Legend's face.

And Chrissy's celeb friends found the whole thing hilarious. "It looks quite specific to me," commented Bethenny Frankel, and Isabella Boylston corroborated, "Please come take ballet class with us and wear those!!"

Credit: Instagram / Chrissy Teigen

Naturally, the brand was delighted to receive a shoutout from Chrissy. "DEAD RN ///// @chrissyteigen YOU ARE MY IDOL I AM OBSESSED," they commented.

Chrissy did, however, have to hit back at a troll, who wrote on the post: "Photoshopped. Why didn't it look like that when John was in the jacuzzi like "wth is that."

"Maybe you've just never seen a girl in this position before but it's good for looking like you have an ass," she shot back.