Chrissy Teigen reveals the one question she hates people asking about her relationship with John Legend

Chrissy Teigen reveals the one question she hates people asking about her relationship with John Legend

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are one of the most popular celebrity couples around, and for good reason. People aren't interested them because of their behind-the-scenes drama, public meltdowns or messy romantic history, but because they're pretty funny and candid when it comes to talking about their lives together.

Teigen, often dubbed 'the Queen of Twitter' has a huge online presence, where she often shares the kind of relatable stories about adulthood and being a mother that we don't tend to expect from the rich and famous. This often means making jokes at her husband's expense, with some of her burns being all-timers.

After numerous occasions like this, and given how prominent they can be on social media, the musician often gets asked about his wife's tweets in interviews. Last week, he appeared on the Ellen Show, on which DeGeneres asked John whether she ever runs her tweets or Instagram posts by him before she posts them.

"She runs some tweets by me, but she never runs the ones where she's talking about me by me," he explained to the talk show host. "We're next to each other on the couch, and she'll have this devilish look on her face like she's conniving some kind of devious plan, and then the tweet will go out."

As it turns out, this line of questioning isn't one that Chrissy is a fan of at all. While Teigen didn't call out Ellen specifically, she did reveal that these kind of questions are the ones that bug her the most, in a recent Twitter thread.

"I feel like a very common question when interviewing john is basically “how do you deal with your wife” and ... I don’t love it," she wrote. "It happens a lot. “does she ask you if certain things are okay to say?”’s just very weird to me."

She goes on to say that not only does he not run anything by her, but that she doesn't care and neither does he.

She recognises that he has a go-to response for these kind of questions, but she doesn't think it tells the full picture. "He usually does the standard “no...she knows what she’s doing...” but it’s not even that," she said. "It’s just that I am a different human than him? It is theeeee most common question with him. Please stop."

"I’m not mad at anyone who has asked this. I get that we are very different. It happens a lot though and I’m just not very into it. You don’t ask me how I deal with watching msnbc every night or what I do while he’s silent for a week"

Her fans were completely on her side about her feelings on the matter, recognising how annoying it could be.

At the end of the day, if she did run any of her tweets by him they wouldn't be nearly as funny, would they?