Christian Bale ends 10-year feud with family

Christian Bale ends 10-year feud with family

Christian Bale has allegedly ended his explosive family feud, 10 years after he was arrested for an alleged assault on his mother.

The Vice star's mother Jenny James confirmed she was back in contact with her son yesterday, telling British newspaper The Mirror: "Yes, we are talking. I know Christian is in London."

Bale cut off contact with his mother and sister Sharon after they got into a physical altercation shortly before the London premiere The Dark Knight in 2008.

British actor Christian Bale, the star of the Steven Spielberg film 'Empire of the Sun', attend's the film's premiere, UK, 20th March 1988. He is accompanied by his mother Jenny and his sister Louise. (Photo by Georges De Keerle/Getty Images) Credit: Getty

The full details of the case were never confirmed, but it was rumoured that the Batman actor's sister had accused him of shoving their mother at London’s Dorchester hotel in a spat over his wife Sibi. Bale's mother and sister made a formal complaint the day after the alleged attack, but withdrew their statements later.

At the time, Scotland Yard confirmed that the 45-year-old had voluntarily handed himself into Belgravia police station for questioning. Bale, who denied the allegations, was later released without charge, with "insufficient evidence to take enquiries further."

Following his release, a CPS spokesman said: "We can today confirm that we have advised the Metropolitan Police Service that the actor Christian Bale should not face any charges following an incident which occurred in relation to his mother and sister at the Dorchester hotel on 21 July this year."

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The American Psycho star has never publicly spoken out about the incident, but over the years, his mum and sister have used the media to beg him to reconnect.

In 2014, James denied claims the argument had started because she and her daughter had asked Bale for money, and insisted that the family had been getting on well before the outburst. She added she had "no idea" what caused the fracas, but expressed hope that she could heal the rift with her son ahead of his 40th birthday.

"Six years is long enough. I want him back," she said. "It’s so sad we have not spoken in all this time. It’s sad for me. It’s sad for him too. His grandmother Edna is now 90 and she wants contact with him – and it’s his 40th coming up. Now would be a wonderful time to get back together so we could be a family again."

In addition, she revealed that she rewatched Bale's hit films to ease her sadness and that she had even queued up with fans at a premiere of one of her son's films in order to catch a glimpse of him.

"I have them all," she said. "Every one he’s made. Then sometimes Christian will come up on TV in one of his films. I’ll be flicking through the channels and suddenly there he is, looking at me from the TV. I think, 'Oh God' and carry on watching."