Cindy Crawford opens up on posing nude at age 53

Cindy Crawford opens up on posing nude at age 53

Veteran model Cindy Crawford has explained what it's like to pose nude as a woman in her 50s.

The 53-year-old made the revelation on a WWD panel this week, where she said that she and fellow model Christy Turlington, 50, continue to work in the industry to show older women that they don't have a sell-by date.

"We want to show women who are 53, and I think Christy just turned 50, that there's still beauty in that," Crawford said.

Crawford is pictured below posing for Vogue in 1988:

Cindy Crawford in Vogue. Credit: Getty

She explained that when she recently shared a snap of her posing nude for photographer Russell James on Instagram, it received some less than positive comments.

"I remember some snarky person on Instagram - there seem to be a lot of those - posted something like, 'Ah, why are you still doing those at your age?'" she said. "And I was like, is there an age where being nude isn’t beautiful? It's just a different kind of beauty."

"That is part of the reason I still do shoots," she continued, acknowledging that it is "a little harder" to get ready for the camera as an older woman.

"I hope this is politically correct, but sometimes I say I need Viagra for shoots. It's harder to get it up."

Cindy Crawford in 2017. Credit: Getty

Crawford admitted that even she has wondered whether beauty has a sell-by date, acknowledging that her body has changed a lot over time.

"I don't look the same as I did at 20, 30 or even 40," she said. "If we take care of ourselves, why not?"

"Am I frolicking on the beach in a string bikini? No. But there is a place where I want to feel beautiful naked, in my private life, with my husband [Rande Gerber]," the model said. "[Russell] was tapping into that real place - not high heels, not a lot of makeup, not coy, just a real woman who doesn't have clothes on."