DJ who flouted lockdown to attend infamous 'rona rave' issues grovelling apology

DJ who flouted lockdown to attend infamous 'rona rave' issues grovelling apology

A DJ has broken his silence and addressed his reasoning for flouting New York's social distancing measures by taking part in a "rona rave".

The New York City house party, which took place on the 4th of May, was widely denounced by members of the LGBTQ+ community, who accused attendees of putting theirs and others' lives at risk.

Accounts of the incident began circulating on social media after gay porn star, Ian Frost, posted an Instagram Story taken at the crowded party, where around 30 topless partygoers can clearly be seen violating governor Andrew Cuomo's stay-at-home orders, by dancing in close proximity, and without wearing face masks.

In a nine-minute video uploaded on Monday morning to Facebook, circuit DJ Alec Brian responded to the criticism he's received since attending the party.

Brian claimed that he took the gig as he "needed the money" because he is currently unemployed. Though he accepted that he put his own and attendees' lives at risk, he did not offer a direct apology. "We all took that chance, and made that… made that… that… thought and chose to do that," he said.

Explaining that he was approached to DJ the party at 9 pm on the night it took place, he reasoned: "in the spur of the moment, [I] made a stupid decision and agreed to DJ this party".

He began the video by giving a "huge, big shout out, thank you, to our first-line, front men, working-class that are out there slaving away to keep our lives safe", adding, "Thank you for your hard work and for putting your lives at risk for us to able to live."

Watch the full apology below: 

The people of Twitter were unimpressed with Brian's apology, taking particular umbrage with his assertion that, "when I left that party, I went right back to putting my mask on and gloves on."

Further, he alleged that "before the party" he was disinfecting his home "from head to toe", detailing that he wears gloves and a mask whenever he leaves the apartment.