Donald and Tiffany Trump apparently go months without saying a word to each other

Donald and Tiffany Trump apparently go months without saying a word to each other

When Donald Trump began his campaign for president, the closest members of his family found themselves thrust into the limelight. His two elder sons, Eric and Donald Jr., got called out for their hunting hobbies; his daughter, Ivanka, has often been the topic of discussion after her father's seemingly incestuous comments about her; and his youngest child, Barron, always seems to be uncomfortably caught up in the middle of any discussion about his father and Melania.

But wait, aren't we missing someone in this list? Ah, of course! Tiffany.

As the only daughter of Donald Trump and his second wife, Marla Marples, Tiffany reportedly didn't have the closest relationship with her father. Her parents separated when she was just four-years-old, and got divorced two years after that. When the couple parted ways, Marple took Tiffany to live with her in California.

"[Tiffany's] daddy is a good provider with education and such, but as far as time, it was just me," Maples once said. "Her father wasn’t able to be there with day-to-day skills as a parent. He loves his kids. There’s no doubt. But everything was a bit of a negotiation."

Recently, though, she has been spotted with her father on several occasions. She joined him for a speech in Ohio, traveled with him to Mar-a-Lago for the Easter weekend, and also attended the White House Easter egg roll in DC.

However, this sudden closeness is apparently rather out of character for the father/daughter duo, as a source close to Tiffany disclosed that they very rarely speak to one another.

"They always had a strained relationship her whole life, and it got exacerbated by the presidency," an anonymous source told People. "It’s gotten much worse now."

The source continued:

"Since the inauguration, Tiffany and her father have sometimes gone for months without speaking and she went a very long time without seeing him. The last time she was at a family function with him, it was awkward for her and she didn’t feel totally welcome."

There are probably a number of reasons for the distance between the two, but it's likely that Tiffany's "more liberal politics and views on women's rights" have come between them. Most recently, the 24-year-old liked multiple posts on Instagram about the March For Our Lives, and is obviously a supporter of greater gun control. She even double-tapped a post which showed a man holding a sign that read, "Next massacre will be the GOP in the midterm elections."

Despite voting Republican in the last election, then, it appears that Tiffany has some pretty opposing political opinions to her father.

Another source also revealed that Tiffany is fairly distant from her older siblings, too, as Trump's relationship with their mother caused a significant amount of drama between the whole family when she was young. However, she has been seen in photos with Ivanka at family gatherings, so there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of bad blood between them.

One thing's for sure, though: out of all of her family, she's certainly done the best to stay out of the headlines.