Drake reunites the cast of his old TV show Degrassi in new music video

Drake reunites the cast of his old TV show Degrassi in new music video

A couple weeks ago, Pusha T released The Story of Adidon, a song savagely dissing Drake. He claimed the Toronto rapper has a secret son with a porn star, exposed a photo of him in blackface, and mocked his longtime producer for having multiple sclerosis. Brutal stuff! The world's been waiting for a response, but Drake's been silent on social media.

Well, keep waiting! Last night Drake dropped the music video for his new single I'm Upset. There's no savage diss, but it's pretty awesome, because he reunites the cast of his old TV show, Degrassi: The Next Generation. See, we all think of Drake as a hip-hop superstar, but back in the day, he was an actor. In the Canadian teen drama, he played Jimmy, a basketball star who gets shot by a classmate, and becomes physically disabled.

Now Drake has staged an extravagant reunion for the class of 2007, and guess what? Jimmy can walk! It's a miracle! The video features a ton of Drake's old co-stars, including (takes deep breath) Dalmar Abuzeid, Sarah Barrable-Tishauer, Paula Brancati, Stefan Brogen, Lauren Collins, Nina Dobrev, Marc Donato, Ephram Ellis, Jake Epstein, Stacey Farber, Jake Goldsbie, Shane Kippel, Andrea Lewis, Linlyn Lue, Miriam MacDonald, Melissa McIntyre, Adamo Rugguiero, AJ Saudin, Christina Schmidt and Cassie Steele.

Cast members Daniel Clark and Ryan Cooley were missing for unknown reasons. Daniel must have had a thing, because he commented on Drake's Instagram, "really sad I missed this. Brought back some amazing memories -- miss and love you brother." As for Ryan, Drake commented that he "thought it was a scam," which is hilarious.

Also, the video features Jay and Silent Bob! The characters, who are played by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, have popped up in several different movies and TV shows over the years. On Degrassi, they guest starred on a few episodes, and in the music video, they sell weed to the school principal. (Of course they do.)

Degrassi fans will notice a lot of fun callbacks. Jimmy and Spinner are still best friends. Emma helps Manny with a wardrobe malfunction. And Rick, the guy who shot Jimmy in season four, gets chased down the hall by Drake's real-life friends. Good. Get him! He took away Jimmy's basketball dreams! And it all ends with a montage of clips from show, identifying all the actors, as the theme song plays.

On Instagram, the Degrassi cast members expressed their appreciation for the reunion. Shane Kippel wrote, "All of the energy, laughter and fun captured in the video was as naturally occurring and genuine as can be. No acting involved." Miriam MacDonald wrote that she had the "best time reuniting with some of my oldest and dearest friends." And Stacey Farber wrote, "I'm not a 'car person' but I did enjoy driving a Maybach to my high school reunion."

But Kevin Smith probably put it best: "The highlight was watching kids that literally went to fake school together their entire young lives reuniting as grownups who still like each other. Drizzy had his friends and former class-and-cast mates exit Lamborghinis and re-enter the pop culture conversation - and it was all done with incredible affection."

Well said! Who needs negative diss songs?