Dylan Sprouse has cut off his super-long hair and he looks so different now

Dylan Sprouse has cut off his super-long hair and he looks so different now

Dylan Sprouse, known for his stint on Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zac and Cody, and more importantly, for his long, flowing tendrils, has recently made a decision that sent his fans into mourning.

Yes - cue the waterworks, because Dylan - who once resembled a grecian god-cum-Scandinavian prince - has chopped off his hair.

Dylan's former hairstyle, or the man-lob as I like to refer to it, has been sported by many a heartthrob - including a 90s-era Brad Pitt, and of course, the late River Phoenix. Now, according to the unwritten rules of the man-lob, we know that it can only be worn if the person in question has a face of near perfection - with just the right amount of "pretty boy" to make him marketable to 13-year-old girls.

Naturally, we were gutted that such a fine example of the man-lob was taken from us so soon.

Dylan's new 'do, was first seen on his purported girlfriend's Instagram account, model Barbara Palvin - and here, take a look for yourself:

Sure, he still looks damn fine, but if you're someone who goes weak-kneed over men who like a chin grazing haircut, it's okay to shed a little tear, and to yearn for the 90s just that bit harder.

In other Sprouse related news, Dylan's brother, Cole, and his girlfriend, Lili Reinhart, have finally made their relationship Instagram official.

As two of Riverdale's most popular stars, Cole and Lili have had to endure much speculation about their "are they-aren't-they" relationship status. Now, however, Lili has confirmed via Instagram that they are very much a thing.

Taking to the social media platform on Cole's birthday (happy 26th Cole and Dylan!), the actress posted a sweet picture, as well as a caption where she referred to him as her "love".

Lili wrote, "It seems as if the world would still be a stranger to me, if not for you. I’m so thankful that our paths intertwined to form this beautiful adventure ~ Happy birthday, my love."

Cole also recently asserted that he was going to start opening up more on social media. "I’ve decided to start uploading some of my more personal photographs on this Instagram. If you’ve ever spent a bit of time with me, you’ll know I take my privacy quite seriously, much of that paranoia influenced by my youth," he said on Instagram.

"I understand social media will always carry a bit of a curated superficiality, but I have so many sentimental photos that, like a collector, I’ve kept in the original packaging for far too long. I’m hoping some of the photos I’ll be posting from here on out will feel a bit more...honest, as they do to me. Naturally, I’ll still be weaving my commercial and editorial work within this account, but why don’t we break it up a little? Keep up"