Eagle-eyed fans are convinced they've spotted a typo on Hailey Bieber's wedding dress

Eagle-eyed fans are convinced they've spotted a typo on Hailey Bieber's wedding dress

It's hard to believe that Justin Bieber, probably one of the biggest heartthrobs of all time, has tied the knot and is now a married man. After several years of being on-again-off-again with Selena Gomez, the Canadian musician has decided to settle down with model, Hailey Baldwin; daughter of actor, Stephen Baldwin.

The young couple were first married privately in a ceremony in November of 2018, but recently decided to have a second, more elaborate affair, earlier this month.

Watch Justin Beiber shower Hailey in some serious love on Instagram: 

Bieber and Baldwin got hitched in the luxurious waterfront area of Palmetto Bluff, and it wasn't long before pictures emerged on Hailey and Justin's Instagram accounts. They were fairly traditional: Justin opted for a tux, while Hailey wore a beautiful white gown and veil, albeit with a twist.

Hailey shared a picture of the dress with her millions of followers, tagging fashion designer Virgil Abloh, and captioning the post: "You and your @off____white team are incredible and I’m forever grateful I got to wear your beautiful creation. [sic]"

However, a number of commenters claimed to have found a typo in her wedding dress; pointing out that her personalized veil features what some people thought was a misprint of the phrase: 'Till death do us part', with the 'Till' having two ls instead of just one.

However, Baldwin has been defended by Gibson Johns, an editor for AOL Entertainment, who stated: "No, there is not a typo on Hailey Bieber’s wedding dress. That’s not an apostrophe before ‘TILL’ - it’s a quote mark, and there’s a second one at the end of the phrase. It’s the designer Virgil Abloh’s *thing.* 'TILL'  is an acceptable shortening of ‘UNTIL.’ That is all. [sic]"

Meanwhile, other social media users have also leapt to Hailey's defence. For instance, one Twitter-user with the handle @davdbest wrote: "Because Till is the correct form, it’s a word, not an abbreviation of Until, they mean the same thing, ‘Til is an abbreviation but not grammatically correct. [sic]"

Man, I guess some people have nothing better to do than look for flaws in flawless things. It doesn't matter though: Hailey still looks jaw-dropping!