Eagle-eyed fans have busted Kim Kardashian for photoshopping old photos of herself to promote perfume

Eagle-eyed fans have busted Kim Kardashian for photoshopping old photos of herself to promote perfume

An Instagram star recently shocked fans by revealing by the amazing Photoshop tricks she uses to edit pictures. The techniques are so subtle that her followers never even noticed them. Really, that's how it should be. A little Photoshop goes a long way. The more you use it, the more you risk being called out. Beauty magazines are often criticized for distorting starlet's bodies into unrecognizable Barbie-doll dimensions.

It must be embarrassing when you get busted for lazy, blatant Photoshop. And nobody gets called out more than Kim Kardashian, star of a hit reality TV show and a very romantic short film with Ray J. Fans often accuse her of doctoring photos to make her curvy figure even curvier. And sometimes they're totally right. For example, look at this photo Kim posted on Instagram last March.

She followed that picture up by posting a second version, that was terribly tweaked. Take a look at the photo below and see if you spot the difference.

In you give up, check out the car in the background. Pretty compact, isn't it? Even Paper Mario would have a tough time squeezing into that thing.

Now Kim is being called out yet again for a lazy, slapdash Photoshop job. On social media, the beauty mogul has brilliantly marketed her Kimoji perfumes. Since one of the new scents was 'inspired by her naked body," she promoted it by posting photos of her naked body. Yeah, that type of content is nothing new if you follow Kim, but the products are a huge success. Last week a new trio of Kimoji fragrances earned a staggering $1,000,000 a minute. Yes, you read that right. She's raking it in!

With all that money, you'd think she'd able to hire a Photoshop Jedi Master. But nope. Eagle-eyed fans busted her for blatantly photoshopping old pictures of herself to promote perfume. Exhibit A: She took a June 28th photo promoting Olay’s Regenerist Whip moisturizer, and Photoshopped in a shot of Kimoji Cherry.

Exhibit B: She took a June 12th photo promoting KKW Beauty line lip swatches, and Photoshopped in a bottle of Kimoji Peach. The prosecution rests, your honor!

Does it really take less time to snap a new photo than it does to Photoshop an old one? I realize Kim is a mother of three, four if you count husband Kanye West, so her schedule's pretty busy. But come on, this is a pretty lazy. I'm surprised people haven't a started a Photoshop battle, doctoring the photo make Kim promote all kinds of weird products.

Maybe Kim should get in touch with that Instagram star and learn some Photoshop tips and tricks. Or just, you know, take new photos to advertise new products. It can't be that much of a hassle when you're making a million dollars a minute.