Eagle-eyed Harry Styles fans are convinced he has a secret twin after Starbucks doppelgänger goes viral

Eagle-eyed Harry Styles fans are convinced he has a secret twin after Starbucks doppelgänger goes viral

Harry Styles have been left stunned, amazed and excited after a video emerged from Tik Tok that shows a Starbucks employee with an almost uncanny resemblance to the erstwhile One Direction band member.

Styles, with his flowing locks and devil-may-care good looks, is unarguably one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. He also happens to be probably one of the most fancied men in the world.

That's probably why the Tik Tok video has garnered such a rapturous reception from fans of the Act My Age singer.

Remember when Harry Styles hosted SNL? Check out his monologue right here:

Per MTV, one fan wrote, "God im going to look at his @ on ig, i actually dont know how im gonna do it but ok [sic]," while another suggested, “If he started a youtube channel he would be a millionaire by the end of this year.”

A third went down a more internet sleuth-y route, adding "I used google mf looked for employees Sean but nothing im. weak. [sic] "

Check out the video here, which shows the Starbucks employee's startling resemblance to Harry Styles:

And many other people remarked upon the employee's looks. One fan wrote, "WHO IS THAT HE IS SO CUTE OMG IM-", while another remarked upon his resemblance to two other celebrities as well, writing, "Nah that guy can't look like harry, dylan o brien and evan peters at once [sic]."

Basically, it's fair to say that people are extremely taken by the Starbucks employee/future Harry Styles impersonator.

Meanwhile, Styles' former bandmate Louis Tomlinson has revealed he was "fuming" when he learned that his fellow One Direction members wanted to go on a hiatus. Per Capital FM, Tomlinson said;

“I was f***ing fuming at first. We were working really hard – people have said overworked, but we weren’t overworked, that’s just what happens when you’re a band that size, though I understand. I thought I’d mentally prepared myself for a break, but it hit me hard … About a week after, I sat there thinking, ‘Strike while the iron’s hot,’ but I wasn’t ready. I was bitter and angry, I didn’t know why we couldn’t just carry on. But now, even though I don’t fully understand everyone’s individual reasons, I respect them.”

Credit: PA Images

Louis said that if it had been up to him, the boys would have taken a year off before returning to the commercial juggernaut of a band.

Who knows if One Direction will reform in the future, but for now, all of the boys are doing incredibly well in their solo ventures.