Elle Macpherson cruelly trolled by fans over her 'weird' feet after posting a vacation picture on Instagram

Elle Macpherson cruelly trolled by fans over her 'weird' feet after posting a vacation picture on Instagram

While the body-positivity movement appears to be in full-swing right now, it doesn't mean that body-shamers have recoiled from their keyboards. Nope, they're still out there writing nasty comments online when someone doesn't look as "perfect" as they should be.

The latest victim? 54-year-old supermodel Elle Macpherson. Yes, even supermodels aren't immune to trolls commenting on their appearance, and it was a recent holiday snap from the Australian which sparked furious backlash against... her feet.

With the innocent caption of "Peace", peace is not what Elle got for the offending Instagram post.

Apparently, people were absolutely disgusted by the supermodel's feet, and they didn't hold back in the comments to tell her. Ranging from "ugly feet" to "bad feet", people had a lot to say.

"I can't see the view past the feet," one person chided, with another calling them "Skinny weird feet". "Please no more picture of those feet," someone else wrote. "Probably shoe problems," one person remarked, while another simply stated: "creepy feet".

"What is that on the left feet???" inquired someone else. First of all, three question marks is probably a bit excessive. And secondly, I guess it's just some kind of natural foot bulge. You know, you get them sometimes, especially when your feet are up and not in their natural position. Plus you'll notice that Elle's snap isn't exactly #nofilter, and the high contrast she's got applied there mixed with harsh shadows really accentuates the curves in her feet.

Others were quick to jump to her defence, following the cruel comments others left. "Oh my good gravy! She is an ageless beauty and this is a beautiful serene photo. I’m sure she is aware of any podiatry issues, for the love of God!" exclaimed someone, following nasty comments accusing Elle of having foot problems because of the "bulge".

"No one said she's a foot model...she's only a SUPERMODEL...who cares what her feet look like...she's amazing!!" said someone else. But whatever. It's her feet, people. Don't you have something better to complain about?

This person's comment summed it up perfectly: "The negative comments on here signify what is wrong in our culture today - always expecting perfection, ignoring the obvious beautiful elements of the shot to focus on something you perceive as not good enough...while the beautiful Elle is enjoying the peaceful moment!! STFU and leave her be."

Elle recently spoke to New Beauty about the changes she's noticed in her body since turning 50 a few years ago – and no, she didn't mention her feet.

"What I noticed is that my skin got dry," the 54-year-old told the publication. "I started to put on weight around my waist and hips, which was never my thing before. My legs started to get heavy. I started to feel lethargic. I also didn't feel inspired. I wasn't sleeping. My whole energy felt heavy."

The Australian also told the magazine that she still loves lying in the sun every day – as demonstrated by her controversial foot photo. She says she lays outside for 20 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon for her immune system to reap the benefits of natural sunlight.

"I close my eyes and raise my face to the sun so that the pineal gland in the front of my head is toward the sun. That just works wonders for your immune system," she said.

Well, you do you, Elle, no matter what people say.