Emily Ratajkowski reveals why it's always a good time to wear a string bikini

Emily Ratajkowski reveals why it's always a good time to wear a string bikini

Let's get one thing out of the way straight off the bat: Emily Ratajkowski is hot.

And I don't mean hot as in your cursory 'oh, there's a hot human being, with nice hair, a full set of teeth, a vaguely symmetrical face and generally pleasant demeanour', I mean hot as in 'if I walked past her and she gave me eye contact I'd probably collapse'.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

Instagram means that if you are hot in either of the two fashions outlined so diligently above, you're now able to profit from it in a manner that would make our elders blush a deep crimson and mutter 'good heavens' under their breath before looking nervously around at their over-bearing wives who are wondering why they've been using the computer for quite such a long period of time.

Anyway, once, again, I digress.

Emily Ratajkowski is a proponent of body positivity, and has become an excellent role model for people everywhere by encouraging them to embrace their bodies and take control of them, rather than allowing society to dictate what a woman 'should' and 'shouldn't' do with her own.

The chances are, if you've been on the internet of late, you will have seen some shots of Ratajkowski in a string bikini, ahead of the launch of more of her Inamorata swimwear. The model has an important message to share along with the pictures;

"What I think about what's important in 2018 for both men and women, it's about defying stereotypes.

"It's about being multi-faceted. It's about wearing a string bikini on the beach, and at a protest." 

She's saying that we should be ourselves and not be confined to societal boxes, a great message that's positive for young people and old alike.

"I don't think that any of us have to limit ourselves into a box, or the perception that anyone tries to force on you. Hopefully men and women across Australia will take that to heart."

While it's true that not everyone is blessed with Emily Ratajkowki's startling good looks and self-confidence, it's great to see an influential figure in society using their platform to spread a positive message of self love; after all, the most important thing we will ever accomplish in life is self acceptance.

As GQ so neatly put it;

“In 2018, Emily Ratajkowski, largely regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful women, has defined herself by her ability to simultaneously leave people in awe and polarise them.

“Spending the last few years travelling the world as one of the planet’s most in-demand models, she’s also established herself as a de facto face of the modern feminist movement, spreading a message of body positivity and a ruthless, no-holds-barred approach to sexual equality that has seen her sweep up both accolades and criticism across the globe.

“Of course, Em Rata would never have been far from the limelight had she never become the tireless social advocate that she is anyway.”

You go, Em Rata!