Eminem reacts to comedian's hilarious impression of his freestyle raps

Eminem reacts to comedian's hilarious impression of his freestyle raps

When Eminem first came out, he mocked the biggest stars in 90's and 00's pop culture. Now it's 2019, and there's a new generation mocking him. What goes around, comes around!

Sure, Em's regarded as one of the best technical rappers of all time, and his first three Interscope albums are great. But during the past decade, he's caught come flack. Critics say his mediocre new content is ruining his legacy, his controversial lyrics clash with today's sensitive era and his recent acapella freestyles just aren't it, chief.

In Shady CXVPHER, the Donald Trump diss and Kickoff Freestyle, Eminem delivered his rhymes in the spoken-word style of contemporary battle rap. Hip-hop geeks appreciated the craft, but some stans were left cold. You can't bump an acapella. Without a crowd, the punchlines get an awkward silence, punctuated with the raspy breathing. And sometimes, it seemed like Shady was just rhyming random words.

In the wake of The Great Eminem Backlash Of 2017, comedian and actor Chris D'Elia shared a hilarious impression. "I'm in a cabana chantin' all this stand up banter," he raps, mimicking New Eminem's grouchy off-beat flow . "While you don't got the stamina, ya lackin' the stamina / Ya lackin' the stamina while ya divorcin' Harrison Ford / And I'm in a Porsche and the floor boards / While I'm world tourin' / You using way too many napkins / Bapkins / Lapkins and Chapki... you using ChapStick and napkins while I'm bapkin'! / Flappin' around like a bapkin!"

The video spread like wildfire on social media, subreddits and hip-hop message boards. Eminem has been impersonated before, like by Taran Killam on Saturday Night Live, but D'Elia's impression was better. He tapped into real complaint about Eminem's new content, and turned that critique into a ridiculous character.

Last week, D'Elia released a follow-up video, satirizing Eminem's Kickoff Freestyle. In the parody, the Undateable star paces around his messy garage, gasping like he just finished five miles. "When I'm lounging on Pinterest f***ing your mistress," he raps. "I'm planning a hat trick with Danica Patrick on Xan' and acid / Nick Cannon's fantastic
Dishonest as the foxes / Dishonest as the foxes while I'm listening to the lobsters / A whole bunch of boxes right in my garage with a bunch of large cars inside of the barge." You have to admit, for a comedian, he's got bars!

Well, it turns out Eminem can take a little criticism, and has a sense of humor about himself. Yesterday the 46-year-old rapper retweeted D'Elia's parody, writing, "This is INCREDIBLE!!! 4 a second I actually thought it WAS me!!" Wait, the meme actually hit Shady's radar, and he liked it?! The internet was shocked and delighted.

In response, the comic retweeted Eminem's praise, writing, "You’re the man for this. And for everything before this," with an emoji of a goat. (Meaning Eminem is the G.O.A.T., the 'Greatest Of All Time.') Well, how about that - they get along! I hope they collaborate on a song called Bapkins.