Eminem's daughter Hailie looks exactly like him in new Instagram snap

Eminem's daughter Hailie looks exactly like him in new Instagram snap

Although Hailie Mathers has been referenced many times in her father's music, until relatively recently, fans of Eminem knew very little about his middle daughter.

And anyone who has listened to Eminem's back catalogue won't doubt what a passionate father he is to his daughters. But now, 23-year-old Hailie Jade has become an influential figure in her own right as an Instagram influencer, boasting a considerable 1.7 million followers. Her bio describes her account as "attempting to curate a feed that accurately represents my life and is somehow still aesthetically pleasing", which is actually pretty refreshing to hear considering how far removed Instagram can be from reality at times.

Watch Hailie discuss her relationship with her famous father:

Of course, it is somewhat inevitable that we will all end up bearing at least a passing semblance to our parents; we are, after all, a product of both our mother and father and the circumstances of our upbringing. Yet Hailie Mathers' fans couldn't help but notice just how striking a resemblance she bore to her father in her most recent Instagram upload.

Writing the witty caption, "i tried harder than i’d like to admit to get a “golden hour” photo today...☀️", Hailie posted the following picture:

Hailie Mathers is the middle of Eminem's three children, and has previously stated that she and her father are "very close". Her mother is Kimberly Anne Scott, to whom Eminem has been married twice, though the pair divorced in 2006 having been remarried for just three months.

Mathers' Instagram account covers many different aspects of lifestyle, including fashion and travel, as well as the occasional workout selfie and pictures of her adorable dogs.

Meanwhile, last month 50 cent claimed that Eminem is currently working on a new album. This would follow his 2018 record Kamikaze, which dropped without any promotional build up in August of 2018.