Emma Stone opens up to Jennifer Lawrence about turning 30, and how her life has changed

Emma Stone opens up to Jennifer Lawrence about turning 30, and how her life has changed

On November 6, Emma Stone turns 30. If you're older than 30, you're probably thinking, "Shut up, Emma. You're so young." And if you're younger than 30,  you're probably thinking, "Holy crap, Emma. You're so old." But whichever end of the spectrum you fall on, we can all agree your 20's are a tumultuous time. You learn more about yourself, and about life.

Recently Emma sat down for a candid interview with her good friend, and fellow Academy Award-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence. Emma won the Oscar for Best Actress for La La Land in 2017. Jennifer won the Oscar for Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook in 2013. J-Law doesn't turn 30 until August 15, 2020, and I'm sure that that she's thrilled I'm mentioning that in an article.

Anyway, the two stars got together in New York to candidly discuss their lives in a feature piece for Elle. Emma revealed that after winning the coveted Oscar, she took a break from the business for six months. With the big 3-0 around the corner, she sat back in reverie, realizing her dreams are now "personal and less professional."

"My twenties were a really interesting time, and there’s been a lot that has happened in these past 10 years, both positive and not as positive. It’s weird how much turning 30 crystallizes your life. Instead of just living the dreams that I had in my youth and getting to do the job that I love to do and making friends and going through all of that, it’s like, now what do I actively want as an adult?"

When Emma was in her mid-20's, she experienced some major life changes. Her parents got a divorce. Her acting career exploded. And she realized she wasn't the same person she was as a teenager.

"When I was a teenager, I was in a real sweet spot. Then in my mid-twenties, I really lost the spot. A lot of things shifted, and it felt like whatever that protective layer was, that mask that you build for yourself—this is my personality, this is who I am—totally shattered."

Luckily, she has friends to pick up the pieces and make her back whole - even if she wasn't quite the same as she was before. "I think friendship is pretty much everything," said Emma. "Here’s another turning-30 thing I’ve realized: You pick your family. You realize that your friendships, the people who go with you into these next phases of your life – you’re choosing your family."

And Jennifer Lawrence, the talented actress turned irreverent interviewer, is just like family.  "You’ve been one of my most loyal friends for years," Emma confessed. "And I think knowing that you can laugh together and that not everything has to be such a big deal."

Yes, turning 30 isn't that big a deal. The most stressful decision is choosing the theme of your party. "Dirty Thirty?" "Nerdy Thirty?" "Dirty Thirty?" I'm sure she'll figure it out. Happy Birthday, Emma! You're so old, yet so young.