Everyone is super confused by Lindsay Lohan's Harvard April Fool's Day prank

Everyone is super confused by Lindsay Lohan's Harvard April Fool's Day prank

While the road to Hollywood may seem long and difficult, the road out of it can be easily accessed by a couple of bad films and a DUI. And nobody understands that more than Lindsay Lohan.

The former child actress was pretty much guaranteed a lifetime of fame and fortune based on her performances in the late '90s and mid '00s, but her career took a bad turn after she encountered several legal troubles and landed herself some truly terrible movie roles.

Since then, she's appeared here and there in some TV shows, opened a nightclub, and, most recently, landed herself a gig as a spokeswoman for Lawyer.com. 

And it's this last vocation that led to her getting involved in a really bizarre April Fool's prank.

On Sunday morning, the Mean Girls star took to Twitter and Instagram in order to share a video with her fans. In the brief clip, she says she's got some "really exciting news" in a "very important letter"- and she's "honored" by the opportunity she's just been offered.

And what might that opportunity be? Well - according to her - she's been invited to Harvard. Yes, the Harvard.

"Harvard Law has asked me to speak at their graduation commencement ceremony. And I'm really really honored and I couldn't be happier," she says in the video. "My work with Lawyer.com has finally paid off. Who needs Hollywood when you have - Harvard Law!"

Not only that, but Lohan later went on to post pictures of letters and emails supposedly from Oxford and Cambridge - the two most prestigious universities in the UK - also asking her to be a guest speaker.

The thing is, nobody is sure whether this was actually an April Fool's prank or not.

If it was, it's a super weird stunt to pull. On April 1st, you're supposed to swap out your roommate's sugar for salt or put chili pepper in their coffee or something - not make up a speaking opportunity from three universities around the world.

Could it be that Harvard was pranking her? But then how would that explain Oxford and Cambridge joining in? Is it possible that one of the letters is genuine, but the others are fake? Why did she go to the lengths of writing up a whole letter just for a 40-second Twitter clip? Is this her attempt at proving she can still act?

Oh my god I have so many questions.

So far, Lohan has not offered any further information on what is or is not going on between her and Harvard, and it's sort of a tradition to come out and say "April Fool's" if you've actually successfully fooled someone.

However, in a response to Jezebel, Harvard said there was "no factual basis" to the claim that the actress would be speaking at their faculty.

Maybe Lohan's been fooled, maybe we've been fooled - hell, with all the confusion around this sort-of-possible-but-also-maybe-not prank, it could even be Harvard that have been left looking stupid.

I guess we'll just have to stay tuned in order to find out.