Expert reveals what Meghan Markle's signature says about her, and it's pretty juicy

Expert reveals what Meghan Markle's signature says about her, and it's pretty juicy

Autographs seem to be a thing of the past, don't they? Now that we all have smartphones and social media, getting a photo with your favourite celebrity carries a lot more weight than a scribble on a bit of paper.

However, while no one may care about signatures anymore, they (apparently) can reveal the secrets to a celebrity's soul. Ridiculous, right? Well, apparently not. According to handwriting expert Tracey Trussell, you can find out all the secrets behind the likes of Meghan Markle, Adele and Donald Trump just from their signatures.

1. Adele

According to Trussell, Adele's signature is one of love and compassion. Tracey believes that the crescendo in the tall stems reveal the imagination she injects into her "aspiration for greatness." The small capital "A" joined to the "D" signifies Adele's humble and self-effacing character. And, of course, the love heart at the top shows her loving, romantic nature.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

Essentially, Mark's signature reveals that he is, in fact, a robot. Look at it. Look at the lack of emotion. Look at how thought out it is. It's essentially just a load of symbols. It's hieroglyphics. Mark Zuckerberg is a robot and Trussell pretty much confirms it when she says that the Facebook founder has a signature that resembles a "mathematical equation." However, Trussell also says that those big, fat, bloated lower hoops show someone who is all about the "money bags."

3. Emma Watson

To be fair, Emma Watson's signature looks like a sick graffiti tag. However, Trussell argues that the two full stops at the end indicate "anxiety and effort, thoroughness and self-drive." The expert says that Watson is control freak and uses the 'zigzag' underlining to be noticed. Despite her confidence and steadfast determination to impact society, Trussell says that Watson's signature reveals underlying feelings of "inadequacy and vulnerability."

4. Donald Trump

"This signature is the work of a lizard man," says Trussell. "The way the letters are pointed, the thick ink and the huge capital letters are evidence of a lizard man trying to get a grasp on what it means to be human."

Of course, I'm joking. However, Trussell does say that Trump's signature reveals a lot about his character. According to her, "the signature of a power-conscious alpha male shouting on paper. A narcissist and a man with a God complex." Also, the regularity of his script is evident on someone who likes to deal in facts - not FAKE NEWS! SAD!  - and therefore lacks empathy.

5. Meghan Markle

Given that she had a career as an actress before she became a royal, Trussell says that Markle's signature is the mark of a woman who is good at creating a facade. The little touches such as the looped M reveal that Meghan will not rest on her laurels and always aims to have the best of everything. The expert argues that Meghan's signature is indicative of a passionate and devoted woman.

So there you have it, while signatures may appear pointless, they actually give more away about you than you may think.