Fans are left confused as Kendall Jenner appears to start a strange second Instagram account

Fans are left confused as Kendall Jenner appears to start a strange second Instagram account

In my head, I've never really had that much in common with Kendall Jenner. Case in point: She is famous, I am not. She is a supermodel, I am most definitely not. She is worth millions, I will only ever be worth millions in my dreams.

With this hardcore evidence, I never really thought that we'd find much to talk about, but it turns out that there is one important thing that both me and Kendall seem to adore: pizza.

How do I know this? I'm aware of this piece of information because the daughter of Caitlyn and Kris Jenner has started a bizarre second Instagram account called "PIZZABOYS". Already having one of the top 15 most followed accounts on Instagram, you'd think Kendall wouldn't be worried about creating another one. But, alas, her dedication to the traditional Italian dish prevails.

The madness began four days ago when the model started the account and uploaded three mysterious images. The first read "COMING", the second was a photo of herself and sister Kylie in a pool holding pizzas, and the third read "SOON". In addition, the account, which already has 61,500 followers after being referenced on Kendall's Instagram story, had a peculiar bio that read: "IN CRUST WE TRUST".

So, what does this all mean? The truth is, no one really knows. What we do know, however, is that Kendall previously explained the Pizza Boys as being a "DJ/friend group I'm part of" during an interview with Elle when asked about a photo of herself wearing a sheer shirt with pizza emojis used to cover her breasts. In addition, she posted an image of herself with @sweetboydaniel in January 2016, with the caption "pizza boys" and has in the past been spotted out wearing Pizza Boys merchandising, including a T-shirt and baseball cap.

Still, even when you place all of these clues together, it doesn't particularly reveal much about the new addition to Instagram. I guess only time will tell when it comes to Pizza Boys and we'll just have to be ready and waiting when Kendall leaves the next breadcrumb.

In other Kendall news, the 22-year-old is firing back at the photographer who is suing her and her sister Kylie for copyright infringement. The model and her sibling Kylie were recently forced to pull a line of T-shirts with their images superimposed over a range of musical icons, after failing to get permission from any of the pictures' owners.

Although they only sold one or two items before the line was taken down, they are being sued by photographer Al Pereira, who wants $25,000 to put the matter to rest. However, not being the type to take things lying down, Kendall is now countersuing Pereira for "needlessly defending' the 'frivolous' lawsuit" and asking for $22,000 in compensation. According to TMZ, Kendall's legal team has branded Pereira's lawyer a "troll", pointing out that he has filed more than 450 copyright infringement lawsuits in the past three years in an effort to make money.

So, will the drama ever stop? It certainly doesn't seem like it. Between the new pizza Instagram account and the freshly-filed lawsuit, it seems as though we'll be following the rollercoaster ride of Kendall Jenner's life for a long time to come.