Fans are worried for Johnny Depp's health after photos surface of him on Instagram

Fans are worried for Johnny Depp's health after photos surface of him on Instagram

Once upon a time, Johnny Depp was seen as a celebrity who could do no wrong. He had everything going for him: a solid career, enviable looks, and an adoring fanbase.

But, of course, that image of perfection started to slip a little when his ex-wife, Amber Heard, accused him of physically assaulting her back in 2016. No criminal charges were ever levelled against the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, and the matter was dropped after Depp was ordered to pay Heard a $7million settlement (a sum she donated to domestic violence and children's charities). Nevertheless, the accusations have caused a downturn in Depp's popular reception and - if some reports can be believed - his personal life, too.

In November last year, for instance, he showed up to the premiere of Murder on the Orient Express in such a state that many people assumed he was drunk. And now, once again, concerns for the 54-year-old have been raised after he appeared to be rather gaunt in recent photos.

Pictures from the last week show the Fantastic Beasts star clean-shaven and noticeably thinner than he has been in other recent public appearances. His eyes are sunken, his cheekbones are much more prominent, and his whole frame just seems to be more fragile.

Katerina Kurt, pictured in the above photo, posted the image last week. It is understood that she has been working with Depp while he is on tour with his band, Hollywood Vampires.

"Thanks to my best work in the world for the opportunity to meet such amazing people," Kurt wrote.

However, there was no mention of why Depp looked so unlike his usual self.

It is possible that the actor has deliberately lost weight for a movie role, but others have theorised that Depp's previous struggles with alcohol may be affecting him again.

Indeed, when Heard filed for divorce from the star, she described him as "an alcoholic and a drug addict", and Depp himself admitted to alcohol abuse in 2008 when he said to Rolling Stone: "I’m a dumbass, and I poisoned myself for years."

"I'm praying for Johnny that he is ok & this is for a movie," wrote one fan on Instagram. "If not and he's in fact sick he's in my deepest prayers as well."

"I hope he has a doctor monitoring his health! It scares me to see him this way!" said another.

Others, however, have argued that there's nothing to be worried about, and that Depp is probably just a bit exhausted and worn down after being on tour.

"People, I don't get it! Isn't it normal to look tired on airports after spending many evenings with playing concerts, meeting many fans and flying forth and back for days?" tweeted one fan. "He isn't 30 anymore! He has the damn right being tired and look like this after a long flight! #JohnnyDepp"

Another added: "Johnny Depp is touring with the vampires right now. People don't realize how physically exhausting touring actually is so if he looks tired or has lost a little bit of weight it's for obvious reasons. It doesn't mean he's sick or dying... Jesus!"

Depp himself has not commented on his current appearance but, considering all the explanations offered, it is likely that the guy has just lost a little weight while being on tour. Plus, we must remember that he is in his mid-fifties, and it might just be that the ageing process has finally caught up with him.