Fans defend Jason Momoa after people ridiculously called him out over 'dad bod'

Fans defend Jason Momoa after people ridiculously called him out over 'dad bod'

It seems that not a day goes by on social media without internet users body-shaming celebrities. Online, non-events are often considered borderline unforgivable by trolls.

Some of the most glamorous, good-looking, fashionable people are commonly slated for their sense of style or their physical appearance. If you're famous, there's no such thing as a rest day.

Check out this video of Jason flexing his muscles for charity below:

And it would seem that no-one is immune to this kind of criticism. Case in point: Aquaman and Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa.

The shirtless hunk has always attracted plenty of attention with his bulging muscles, but this week a certain segment of his hatedom has actually accused him of having a dad bod!

The trouble began when the magazine US Weekly shared an image of Jason on their official Instagram account, which was taken while the actor was shirtless on vacation.  Some people in the comments began to accuse Momoa of letting himself go.

However, Jason's many fans were on-hand to leap to his defence and deliver some stinging rebuttals to the haters. For example, one person commented: "He's gorgeous on and off camera!!! His body, face, heart and personality are beautiful! STOP HATING! YOU ARE EITHER JEALOUS OR HAVE NO TASTE! [sic]"

Meanwhile, someone else wrote: "He looks DAMN FINE! Y’all being mean and I bet most of you don’t have a six pack either. I sure as hell don’t. [sic]"

Really, it's no-one else's business what Momoa does with his body, but he looks pretty damn good to me, regardless of what some had to say on the subject.