Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson calls for reality TV to be cancelled after '38 suicides'

Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson calls for reality TV to be cancelled after '38 suicides'

Pamela Anderson has called for reality TV to be cancelled after nearly 40 people died by suicide in suspected links to the genre.

A report conducted by The Sun On Sunday has alleged that 38 reality TV contestants have killed themselves since 1986, with producers allowing vulnerable people onscreen without giving them the support they need to take part.

Soon after, the Baywatch star shared her own experiences of appearing on reality shows on social media, claiming that people are normally "bullied" into taking part by their agents and are left feeling "dirty" afterwards.

Writing on Twitter, she put: "Did I enjoy being on a reality show? Please no more reality shows or reality stars... even France is polluted with them - it's desperate and exploitive - for the artist... You are usually bullied into doing TV like this by agents fighting over commissions - you're left without any great amount of joy or money - you feel used, dirty, and with no feeling of accomplishment. [sic]"

To finish her Twitter thread, the 51-year-old then shared how she found meaning in the work, saying: "Unless of course - you attempt to find any meaning or redemption by donating all to charity - It’s how I forgave myself."

Anderson's admission received a mixed reaction on social media, with some of her followers praising her for opening up about what reality TV is really like, and others slamming her for making money from it.

Many critics online pointed out that the Playboy model had appeared on three series of this nature - Big Brother, Dancing On Ice and Dancing With The Stars - and questioned why she would take part in so many if she hated the experience.

"Why have you done so many then? [sic]" wrote, with adding: "But your glad to make money from it. [sic]".

Another social media user with the Twitter handle of also commented saying: "It looked like you were having fun... [sic]"

However, others were quick to defend the Barb Wire actress, with putting: "Love the fact your using your profile to raise awareness for all these causes. I wish more would. [sic]"

Mike Thalassitis Credit: Getty

Another Twitter user going by the name also praised Anderson, writing: "I agree with you, I am sick of the media being full of images of reality stars, I miss the days when you had to have a talent to be famous. I find it astonishing that alot of people follow and worship reality tv people. [sic]"

The worrying report from The Sun On Sunday came after the suicide of 26-year-old Love Island star Mike Thalassitis, who was found hanged in a park near his home in Edmonton, north London on March 15. Other names featured in the report included American Idol star Paula Godspeed, French Survivor's Thierry Costa and Love Island contestant Sophie Gradon.

In the article, a source claimed that people with histories of mental health issues are still allowed to appear on shows with little regard for the consequences

"People are going on these shows who aren’t strong enough to cope," they said. "They come out to millions of social media followers, trolls, hangers-on. Some are national hate figures. For a young person with a mental health condition, it’s a lethal combination."