Gigi Hadid upsets Greek fans after uploading Instagram photo

Gigi Hadid upsets Greek fans after uploading Instagram photo

When you're travelling in a foreign country, culture shock is almost inevitable, and sometimes if we're thoughtless or just plain rude, we can end up being insensitive about the customs of the nation we've travelled to, or the people who are hosting us in their native land.

One person who learned this to her own peril is model Gigi Hadid, who has ended up angering Greek citizens after she uploaded a certain Instagram photo.

The trouble began when Gigi, her sisters Alana, Marielle and Bella, and several other friends travelled to the Greek island of Mykonos for a vacation in honour of Alana's birthday. However, when they were out and about, they ended up getting robbed and had some extremely valuable possessions stolen.

TMZ reports that the house the women were staying in was broken into by burglars while they were out in the evening. The group called the police, who didn't prioritise the felony, and this prompted the group to charter a private plane and go home.

Take a look at this video of Gigi walking down the runway below:

Uploading a picture of herself wearing a black bikini with white polka-dot spots, Gigi had choice words regarding her Mediterranean experience. She captioned the picture: "Mykonos film in ... PS(A). Don’t let insta fool u. Got robbed. Never going back lol. Wouldn’t recommend. Spend your money elsewhere [sic]."

However, a lot of people were left unamused by Gigi's comments. On Twitter, a number of people slated her for seemingly tarring a whole country with the same brush after one bad experience. Many also drew attention to the fact that criticism from a high-profile celeb could have a significant impact on the Greek people - whose economy depends upon tourism.

Commenting on his daughter's experiences in Greece in an interview with TMZ, Gigi's father Mohammed Hadid stated: "I think [Gigi] tried to call an airport to take off. She had a traumatising [experience]."

He added: "They were out and they had the bodyguards with them, but when they were out, the house was robbed. [Burglars] broke into the house while they were out. Nobody got hurt. Personal things [were taken]. Gigi and Bella [had things taken]."

Gigi apparently suspects that the robbery was an inside job since only the house staff knew they were staying there, but nothing has been proven, and the identity of the culprit (or culprits) has not yet been determined.