Gordon Ramsay reveals his favorite insult from his show 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares'

Gordon Ramsay reveals his favorite insult from his show 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares'

Gordon Ramsay, right? Speak to any random member of the public about their favourite celebrity chef and they'll almost certainly mention our sweary Scotsman. But while he's a Michelin-starred chef who's undoubtedly really darned good at preparing food to shove into our faceholes, Ramsay's cooking skills are perhaps the third-most famous thing about this celebrity chef.

If you were to cross paths with Gordon Ramsay in the street, you'd most likely expect him to yell insults at you, and if his social media and on-camera presence is anything to go by, this would be an accurate assessment to make. Head to Twitter, and you'll see him savagely criticising the efforts of amateur chefs. Head to Instagram and not even his daughter - his own flesh and blood - is spared a roasting.

From the simple yet effective ("f*** off!") to the pseudo-biblical ("for what we are about to eat, may the Lord make us truly not vomit") and the unsettlingly vivid ("you guys cook like old people f***"), Gordon Ramsay has come up with some creatively colourful ways of telling people that they suck at cooking.

But here's one thing I'm super curious about: in a long, storied catalogue of insults, which one is Gordon Ramsay's best? There are so, so many to choose from, aren't there? The internet has been asking that very same question, and on this occasion, the artist himself weighed in on his favourite work of art.

This is a tweet from user Betty, who hails from Wales in the United Kingdom, who gave her humble opinion on the 52-year-old's best quote. "This squid is so undercooked I can hear it telling Spongebob to 'F*** OFF'" is great for many reasons, and Instagram personality @fuckjerry appeared to agree, and named his second favourite insult: "Idiot sandwich in close 2nd."

This is where Gordon Ramsay swooped in, adding in his third choice ("'my gran could do better! And she's dead' is a close 3rd for me"), which would imply that he's in agreement about the first and second choices, and to be honest I do not blame him. The entire exchange was captured by the @commentsbycelebs Instagram page, to be immortalised online (and featured in articles just like this).

Well, folks, there you have it. It's not always easy for an artist to name their favourite work (just ask Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke about his opinions on breakout hit Creep), but Gordon Ramsay is clearly proud of each and every insult he puts out.

Of course, his antics are played up for the camera to a certain extent, and that's come back to bite him quite recently as Ramsay was sued for re-using footage from a 2011 episode of Kitchen Nightmares today, without notifying the restaurant it was based on. If footage of Gordon Ramsay throwing up into a bin after looking at your food went viral on Facebook seven years after the fact, you'd be pretty upset too, I guess.

Either way, let's hope Ramsay's new shows have plenty of soundbites for us to enjoy.