Gordon Ramsay takes on a 'Hot Wing Challenge' and fails miserably

Gordon Ramsay takes on a 'Hot Wing Challenge' and fails miserably

If there's anything we know Gordon Ramsay for, it's being an absolute savage celebrity chef.

Between each of his flagship televisions, his social media presence and - let's face it - that face, Ramsay's carved out quite a reputation for himself as quite the hard man in the kitchen. But for me, the only thing more satisfying than his savage insults is seeing him on the other side of the savagery.

Who could forget that time when Gordon Ramsay had his Pad Thai critiqued by the professional Thai chef? Not I.

It was a great moment, and this particular video of Gordon Ramsay suffering over a bowl of hot wings will give me that warm feeling deep inside for quite a while yet. It came via the YouTube series Hot Ones from First We Feast, which has featured several celebrities eating hot wings, but none as entertaining as Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay might be uniquely equipped to handle the heat of the kitchen, but he's no match for the heat of spicy wings, something we see in glorious practice. The challenge of the show requires each contestant to eat 10 hot wings, each spicier than the last, and Gordon Ramsay suffers throughout.

The above video is 31 minutes of glorious celebrity chef schadenfreude, and if you've got the time to watch the entire video, then I wholeheartedly suggest that you do. But for those who want the cliff notes, the good stuff, then we've also got a little bit of that.

Fans of the YouTube have been clamouring to get Gordon Ramsay on the show for almost the entirety of its seven-season run, and once Ramsay made his highly-anticipated appearance, the one thing that's super clear is that Gordon Ramsay is terrible at handling spicy food.

By hot wing number two, which had a cute little green turtle on the side, Ramsay is struggling. His eyes fill with tears, his complexion gets decidedly more ruddy, and he begins to fidget in his seat as the capsaicin does its work. It's really quite glorious to behold.

Gordon Ramsay Hot Wings Credit: FirstWeFeast/YouTube

There's 10 hot wings for him to try, but by number seven, the 52-year-old is unable to cope. That particular wing is slathered in Torchebearer's Garlic Reaper Sauce, and Ramsay's... not handling it well. He says that his heart rate is going through the roof, and he's seriously worried about... anal leakage.


But, to his credit, while he handles the entire deal horribly, Ramsay does make it do the end, but not without a great deal of theatricality. He rubs lime juice on his lips, at one point spraying it directly into his mouth, he chugs on Pepto Bismol; he generally makes it look like he's having the worst time of his life.

But as Ramsay suffers, I only enjoy, and after all of the roasting I've seen him do, it's genuinely great to see the chef on the end of some serious heat. This is already the best video of 2019.