Gordon Ramsay wears his 18-year-old son's underpants when he misses him

Gordon Ramsay wears his 18-year-old son's underpants when he misses him

Gordon Ramsay is known as a belligerent celebrity chef who savagely roasts amateurs. On his reality shows, there's no shortage of hilarious insults: "For what we are about to eat, may the Lord make us truly not vomit." "You guys cook like old people f***" "This squid is so undercooked I can still still hear it telling spongebob to F**K OFF." And who could forget his most famous quip, holding two slices of bread up to someone's head and calling them an "idiot sandwich"? The man is absolutely brutal.

But perhaps the man's like a coconut - hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Recently his 16-year-old daughter Tilly Ramsay shared her GCSE results online. The exam is a rite of passage for every British teenager, and I assume it's a lot of like the O.W.L. exam in Harry Potter. (Everything you need to know about British culture you can learn from Harry Potter.) Anyway, Tilly aced the test, scoring four A's, three A's and two B's. On Instagram, he congratulated her for her high marks, and joked she got an extra grade: "a D for cooking."

Could Ramsay be a big ol' softie? On The Late Late Show with James Corden, Gordon he shared an adorable story about his family. His 18-year-old twins, Jack and Holly, left the house to go to college. That's a bittersweet moment for any parent; happy to be free at last, but deeply sad, because they'll miss their children's presence. Ramsay told Corden he felt "gutted" by the experience.

"It's tough," said the Hell's Kitchen star. "I went up the stairs to Jack's bedroom last weekend and I opened all the drawers and his socks and his pants are all there. Five minutes later I'm f**king wearing them." "What?!' asks James, in an incredulous high-pitched voice. "He's the same size," continues Ramsay. "All mine were in the wash, so I thought, Jack he's nicked my bloody pants again. Lo and behold they're upstairs in his drawer. So I put them on and just sat on his bed thinking, damn, bud I miss you."

Gordon Ramsay and his 18-year-old song Credit: Instagram

The conversation starts at about the two minute mark in the above video. Afterward, James Corden and Dakota Johnson joke that after sharing this heartwarming story, Ramsay's public image will get a total makeover. I like that idea - Fox can reboot Hell's Kitchen as Heaven's Kitchen! And instead of viciously insulting all the amateur chefs, he can magnanimously praise them! When they screw up, he won't berate them; he'll give them a hug, and coo that everything will be okay.

Actually, scratch that. Nobody would watch that show. The crazy, cantankerous chef character is good. But wait a second, Ramsay. What about your daughter, Holly? Don't you miss her? You better put on her pants, to prove that you love her. (And if you can't fit, just lose some weight!)