Gross Instagram video shows a bug crawling around Dream Kardashian's birthday cake

Gross Instagram video shows a bug crawling around Dream Kardashian's birthday cake

Take it from me, ladies and gentlemen: there are plenty of ways to ruin a two-year-old's birthday party if you wanted to, and most of them come completely by accident. As a cousin to a lot of younger kids and a former two-year-old myself, I happen to know that while they're little squishy psychopaths, two-year-olds have one desire above all: cake.

It's a natural inclination that persists through most of our adult lives, but I think that if you want to see a toddler at his or her absolute worst, just deny them cake, and watch them try to claw your eyes out. Now, I would imagine that Dream Kardashian probably isn't like your average toddler on the surface, but I'm sure she would have been bummed not to enjoy this cake she got for her second birthday. But there's a very good reason not to eat this cake, as you'll see.

If I know anything by now, it's that the Kardashians do a lot of things well, but one thing they excel at is birthday parties, and specifically: birthday cakes. From Kylie Jenner to True Thompson to Travis Scott, the Kardashians' cake baking game may be the most difficult thing to Keep Up With.

So good are their cakes, that they're drumming up quite a bit of buzz in the Animal Kingdom. Which might occasionally lead to incidents such as this, where an entire birthday cake is wasted. Although the post has since been deleted (and quickly at that), people were quick to notice that there was something pretty gross going on in Kylie Jenner's Instagram video.

Watch this video closely to see exactly what makes Dream's cake so unappetizing: 

Let's play a little game called "spot the bug". As the camera pans over the various delicious treats on display at Dream (daughter of Rob and Chyna) Kardashian's second birthday, if you look closely, you might be able to spot something less edible. Yep. That was it. You know what you saw.

Now, as much as this video had the internet recoiling in horror, as we all know, us humans, vegan or not, eat more than a few bugs in our lifetime. In fact, if you're a coffee drinker, your morning cup of Joe will be causing you to consume an average of 136,080 insect parts a year - so the jury's out on how disgusting Dream's cake really was.

This is the moment Cardi B flirted with Rob after his impressive weightloss (clearly, he'd have been avoiding the cake with or without the bug): 

TMZ reckons that there thanks to a ton of decorative foliage accompanying Dream's big day, you can imagine that's how the bug managed to infiltrate this party, becoming the envy of paparazzi everywhere in the process. As for the bug itself, we're not exactly sure what kind of bug it is - it kind of looks like a cockroach, but either way, not fun.

Naturally, people on social media had a lot to say about the critter. Instagram user @mariaraudabaugh simply wrote, "So gross."

Whereas @prettywhenhungry remarked, "WOAH. Imagine celebrities being normal people and having issues that alot of other people do. Shocking."

It's not known at this point whether or not the bug infiltrated the party cake effectively, but I hope that all of the party guests involved got to enjoy all that food. There wasn't just cake, either - we've got ice cream, we've got donuts, and we've got chocolate-covered pretzels.

All in all, it seems like Dream had a birthday to remember, and doesn't she look adorable in her little outfit? Totally deserving of a great day, in my opinion. And if her birthday guests had accidentally eaten a bug during the proceedings, let's look on the bright side - that could be a really good source of protein.