Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter is a teenager now and she looks almost identical to her mom

Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter is a teenager now and she looks almost identical to her mom

Gwyneth Paltrow's star has continued to rise and rise in recent times.

When you think about it, the actress and now lifestyle brand owner has been famous for a really long time, and she's still as relevant and in the public eye as ever.

When famous people have children, naturally there is a certain amount of public interest in them, though questions must surely be asked as to whether this is really in anyone's best interest.

Celebrity children like Paris Jackson have been forced to cope with incessant media coverage for practically their whole lives, and I suppose the main issue is that they haven't made a conscious choice to court such attention.

A recent trend in the lives of the rich and famous is for the rest of us to marvel over how similar their offspring look to them - as though this should somehow come as a surprise - that two people from the same immediate family look somewhat alike.

However, there are certain examples of this phenomenon that actually are pretty darn impressive. Take, for instance, Reese Witherspoon and her daughter, who look so alike I am actually convinced that they are, somehow, inexplicably the same person.

So, continuing in the long and storied tradition of celebrities and their kids looking eerily similar, here's Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter, Apple.

Apple Martin is the spitting image of her mom, except from the awesome pink hair she is currently rocking. Check them out together:

As if the picture alone wasn't great enough, Paltrow gushed over her daughter in the caption, too, writing;

"Happy #nationaldaughtersday Apple Martin, it’s like i conjured you from a dream, you make my life."

Commenters were loving the snap too, with one user writing "Like mother like daughter" and many others extolling the beauty of Apple with comments like "She’s SO beautiful" and "stunning women".

One particular commenter took as back in time with this hilarious reminiscence;


Meanwhile, ahead of Goop launching a pop-up in London, Paltrow took to Instagram to talk about the journey of starting the brand. She wrote;

"It’s hard for me to believe that 10 years ago today, I sent the first, heartfelt, whimsical, lo-fi goop newsletter from my kitchen in Belsize Park London out into the world. And what a ten years it’s been. I have learned so much. I have learned about community and trust and conviction and authenticity and perseverance and self-belief. I have learned about leadership and culture and management and excel and wordpress and (multiple) e-commerce platforms. I have learned how to finish the days work at the kitchen table while my kids work on geography and geometry, that balance is elusive, that start-up life and motherhood are sometimes difficult bedfellows."

You can read her full post below;

Apple Martin, Paltrow's daughter, is now 14 years old, and if that doesn't make you feel ancient and over-the-hill, I'm not sure what will.