Harry Potter star under fire after shocking abusive rant at fan on Instagram

Harry Potter star under fire after shocking abusive rant at fan on Instagram

Being a lover of Harry Potter, I find it weird to hear how old the actors are now. But, on top of that, hearing bad things about them is even worse. As a kid, these characters could do no wrong, so to find out that they're not all that nice in real life is a bitter pill to swallow. However, the latest story regarding one character is hardly surprising, given the character he played.

Despite the fact that I am the definition of a Slytherin, I could never fully get behind Crabbe and Goyle. Malfoy's henchmen were a pair of thick-skulled idiots, who simply followed the orders of their platinum-haired master. But, while they may have been bullies in the mythical world of Hogwarts, it turns out that Goyle lives up to his character off-screen as well.

Joshua Herdman, the man who played Goyle, has found himself embroiled in a foul-mouth and bizarre argument with a fan on Instagram.

In screenshots obtained by The Sun, Joshua calls a Harry Potter fan a "c**t" and a "r****d" after they asked him why he chose to "f**k up his chances" of being an actor by allegedly taking drugs.

In the messages, Joshua asks Chris, "Absolute r****d mate, have [you] looked in the mirror recently?"

As Chris tried to explain that he was a big Harry Potter fan, Joshua continued to rant at him, saying: "Have [you] nothing better to do [you] f**king loser."

The actor reportedly goes on to ask Chris if he is "special in the head" and, after seeing that he was posing with a child in his profile picture, Joshua tells Chris that he feels sorry for his daughter "with a dad like you" claiming it "should be illegal for people like you to be parents."

Speaking to the Sun about the exchange, Chris said:

"Joshua thought I was being rude to him but I was just being honest.

"I loved him in Harry Potter and thought he was a brilliant actor. I was so upset – he called me all the names under the sun and even brought my child into it - I will never watch the films again.

"I found Joshua’s comments so upsetting I threw away my whole Harry Potter box set.

"I have struggled with my mental health in the past so to ask if I was ‘special in the head’ was incredibly upsetting.

"He’s just like Goyle in the films was – a bully.

"I will never watch Harry Potter again because of him."

Since leaving the Harry Potter franchise, Joshua has gone on to become an MMA fighter, but claims to have not turned his back on acting.

"I haven’t fallen out of love with it, I still have an agent and still go for auditions," he said. "It’s just a little bit like playing the lottery for a living."

So it turns out that Goyle is as much of a brute in real-life - method acting at it's finest!