Here are Justin Bieber's 12 model ex-girlfriends and where they are now

Here are Justin Bieber's 12 model ex-girlfriends and where they are now

Whatever you may think of Justin Bieber, one thing that is undeniable is that a lot of people find him attractive. When he's not chasing after his teenage lover Selena Gomez, Bieber seems to be permanently linked with a host of different models, actresses and other celebrities. But who exactly are these women and what are they doing now? Take a peek below to find out.

1. Yovanna Ventura

It's believed that Biebs and Ventura dated briefly in 2015 after they began to appear on each other's Instagrams, but the romance quickly fizzled out. Now a full-time model with 5.6 million followers, Ventura dated The Weeknd shortly after he broke up with Selena Gomez (the scandal!).

2. Jayde Pierce

Jayde Pierce and Justin were spotted hanging out in Bora Bora back in 2015. This, of course, was the infamous holiday where Bieber was pictured with his genitals out while relaxing on the balcony of his private villa. Now 21, Pierce has had a baby with rapper Mike Dixon and continues to be a vlogger and influencer.

3. Bronte Blampied

Bronte is an Australian model who first came into the Bieber romance saga back in 2016. However, while the romance appeared to have drained out of their relationship, the couple were papped together two weeks ago enjoying a spot of lunch.

4. Ashley Moore

2015 appears to have been peak-Bieber-fever, with him also being linked to the model Ashley Moore. The duo were spotted in cuddling at a Clipper's game in LA and appear to still be on good terms - with them going for a hike together back in February.

5. Shanina Shaik

Shaik was linked with Bieber after the great catastrophe that was Jelena part II (there have been multiple installments of this epic drama). First seen together in 2014, they were photographed at the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight in 2015. But the relationship didn't last and Shaik is now engaged to DJ Ruckus (who!?).

6. Chantel Jeffries

Jeffries is one of the more memorable exes on this list, with her being in the passenger seat when Justin was arrested for DUI. Of course, seeing as he doesn't apparently have a brain, Jeffries was blamed for Bieber's actions and swiftly ran away to Central America with her beau -  like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde! She has previously dated Scott Disick and also had her Instagram hacked with a 'nude' of Bieber being uploaded.

7. Alyssa Arce

Justin was linked with the Playboy Playmate in 2014 after they were pictured making out on a yacht in Ibiza (y'know, as you do.) However, despite Arce getting it in the neck from the Jelena cult, a spokesperson for the model said that they were "just having fun."

8. Barbara Palvin

Pictured after the first great break-up of Jelena back in 2012, Palvin ended up being one of the most hated women on the planet. The pair were photographed behind-the-scenes of a Victoria's Secret fashion show and, such was the ruckus that followed the snap, Palvin used #friendship to dispell the rumors. Now a Sports Illustrated Rookie of The Year, the model has also made her acting debut in Hercules.

9. Miranda Kerr

This rumor gave birth to one of the greatest scraps of all time: Justin Bieber vs. Orlando Bloom. Kerr was said to have got a little bit too close if Bieber in 2012, leading to Bieber telling Orlando that "she was good" during a nightclub brawl in Ibiza in 2014. Then, not done there, Bieber decided to upload a photo of Kerr in her bikini onto his Instagram account. Kerr was quick to dismiss the rumors, with her calling them "false and defamatory." Now, she is married to Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel and is expecting their first child.

10. Kendall Jenner

These two superstars were rumored to have hooked up in 2014 after the great Jelena part II split. Many believe that Kendall was the catalyst for the break-up, but she was quick to dispell the whisperings, saying, "he’s a longtime friend of our family. Everybody loves to assume things, but no.” But, in 2015, the duo reappeared in a couple of intimate photos on Instagram. Kendall is now the highest paid model in the world.

11. Hailey Baldwin

2014 (again!) and Bieber goes on Instagram to declare that he is super single, before going on to post a load of photos of Haley Baldwin. The romance ran from December 2015 - January 2017 with Baldwin making regular appearances, including a photo of them making out. Haley is now BFF's with Kendall Jenner and was named Maxim's Sexiest Woman of The Year.

12. Sofia Richie

This relationship had everything: drama, apologies and, of course, the deletion of a social media account. Justin and Sofia began dating in 2016. For some reason, his fans took a dislike to Richie and Justin hit back. This led to Selena chiming in, causing Justin to delete his Instagram account. Then, in an interview with Billboard, Sofia called the relationship '“special” and added that he was just “very easy to talk to, and that’s hard to find with people in Los Angeles.” She now dates Scott Disick and they seem pretty happy!

So there you have it, Justin Bieber's exes! Given that he and Selena have apparently broken up (again!), expect to see plenty more ladies on the list soon.