Hilary Duff posts makeup free selfie on Instagram and she looks stunning

Hilary Duff posts makeup free selfie on Instagram and she looks stunning

Sorry, cosmetics industry. Celebrities started posting makeup free selfies on Instagram, and the trend shows no sign of stopping. Gal Gadot, Chrissy Teigen, Sofia Vergara and several other stars have shared candid photos of their bare faces, without a hint of foundation, eye liner or lipstick. The pictures have revealed that many celebrities are naturally beautiful, beyond all the gloss and glamour.

In fact, after Christina Aguilera did a makeup free photoshoot, people remarked that she looks even better without makeup. (Freckles represent!) Pretty soon makeup will be out of fashion, like corsets, hobble skirts and those weird white Founding Fathers wigs.

Okay, so makeup isn't going anywhere, but #NoMakeMondays are popular. It's refreshing to get a peek behind the curtain at what stars really look like, and realize it takes time to create those 'flawless' red carpet looks. Celebrities - they're just like us! Except incredibly rich and all of their dreams came true. Anyway, Hilary Duff is the latest to go au natural - meaning she shared a makeup-free selfie, not that she posed nude. Come on, get your mind out of the gutter! The 30-year-old actress snapped a photo in her car, and looks stunning, bags under the eyes and all.

Hilary Duff has been in show business her whole life. As a child, she starred in television commercials with her sister, Haylie. Then she became a teen idol - and a household name - with her hit Disney Channel series, Lizzy McGuire. The show featured Hilary an awkward, clumsy teenager who...sometimes...was animated.... Okay, you caught me. I'm too old to have seen this show. But I know it was incredibly popular, jumpstarting her acting career and singing career.

You might have not thought about Hilary Duff since 2006 - you jerk! - but she's actually been pretty busy. She has a seven year old son, released five albums and currently stars in the hit TV Land sitcom Younger, which is in its fifth season. After being glammed up in front of the cameras for so long, it's nice to see the 'real' Hilary shine.

Of course, girl looks good in makeup! Keeping up with cosmetics can be time-consuming and costly, but the transformative effects are worth it. Humans are superficial, and all those paints and powders help minimize our flaws. (I wish I was wearing concealer right now, to hide the fact I got four hours of sleep last night! Could also use some contouring, to get rid of chipmunk cheeks.)

That said, it's important to remember that makeup is a facade, a mask, 'very fake news'. By sharing makeup free selfies, we feel connected in our imperfections, and combat unrealistic beauty standards. But only for one day a week, on No Make Up Mondays. We'll make up for it on Cake Face Fridays.

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