Hugh Jackman shares adorable tribute to his dad who raised five kids after mother walked out

Hugh Jackman shares adorable tribute to his dad who raised five kids after mother walked out

Yesterday was Father's Day, meaning that people everywhere were sharing heartfelt sentiments about their dear old dads. And, while many may see it as yet another commercial holiday like Valentine's Day or Boss's Day (yes, that's a legitimate thing), it is a good opportunity for individuals to let their fathers know exactly what they mean to them.

As could be expected, then, social media was awash with throwback pictures of kids on their dads' shoulders at the beach or playing in the park - but some posts stood out more than others.

Hugh Jackman, best known for his role as Wolverine in the X Men franchise, posted a particularly emotional post as a tribute to his father, Christopher.

The Australian actor uploaded a picture of himself and his old man standing side-by-side, both grinning from ear to ear. Along with the image, Jackman said:

"Happy Father’s Day to the man who taught me to show respect for others, for education, for being led by your passions. Who taught me to never stop growing and learning. To work hard and realize that preparation is the bedrock for success. And, above all, to find purpose beyond oneself. I love you Dad."

This was particularly meaningful coming from the Greatest Showman star, as his mother abandoned him and his family when he was just eight years old.

"I can remember the morning she left, it's weird the things you pick up," he said in an interview with 60 Minutes back in 2012. "I remember her being in a towel around her head and saying goodbye, must have been the way she said goodbye. As I went off to school, when I came back, there was no one there in the house. The next day there was a telegram from England, Mum was there. And then that was it."

After that point, the 49-year-old star only saw his mother once a year or so, and his father raised him alone. However, Christopher's actions did not go unappreciated by Jackman, and - after all these years - he still sees him as a huge influence in his life.

"My father is my rock. It's where I learned everything about loyalty, dependability, being there day in, day out, no matter what," Jackman said.

The former Oscar nominee is also a father himself and has two children with Deborra-Lee Furness - to whom he has been married for 22 years. The couple adopted their kids, Oscar and Ava, some years ago, and has remained an advocate for adoption ever since.

But Jackman's own father will always be the number one dad in his eyes. As he said in 2014:

"My father is an amazing man. He was a full-time worker for most of my upbringing, as well as a single parent with five kids. I take my hat off to anyone who can handle that. I have two kids and it’s like, 'Whoa!' It’s full on and I certainly have a lot more help than my dad ever did."

So, while Jackman may come across as a tough guy on screen, it's clear that he's a big softy at heart - and it's wonderful to see. The actor's dad clearly did an excellent job at raising him, and their long-lasting bond proves that good parenting is the key to lifelong friendship.