Instagram model reveals cruel comments from trolls over her baby bump

Instagram model reveals cruel comments from trolls over her baby bump

As social media becomes just an integral part of all of our lives, more and more women and couples are documenting their pregnancy journey on mediums like Instagram. And you'd think showing off your growing bump would encourage nothing but positive comments from well-wishers, but it turns out that isn't the case.

Case in point, one Instagram model has now opened up about the cruel comments she has received during her pregnancy, revealing the depths to which trolls will stoop.

Hannah Polites, a bikini model from Australia as well as a mother to two children, revealed that she was shamed for having too large of a baby bump when she was carrying her second child to term, posting on Instagram following the birth of her second child Arlo, after daughter Evaliah was born in 2016.

"Cannot believe how much more I popped with this baby compared to my pregnancy with Evaliah," Polites said on Instagram, showing a side-by-side comparison of before and after pregnancy.  "I would get comments everywhere I went about how big I was and 'am I sure there’s not two in there?!'"

"In the end Arlo stayed in an extra week than Evaliah and was born 450g bigger but was still well within average. Luckily, I don’t let the comments worry me as I knew my body wouldn’t grow a baby it couldn’t handle."

Trolls also overshadowed Polites' first pregnancy, as she got plenty of flak online for not being healthy while carrying her daughter Evaliah. She's also been criticised for having a labour photoshoot ahead of Arlo's birth with her husband and her daughter.

"Your first breath took ours away, caught straight into daddy’s arms..." Polites posted once Arlo was born. "Welcome to the family sweet baby, 9 months we’ve been waiting to hold you, touch your soft skin, look you in the eyes and see your sweet angel face. We are in absolute heaven with our little boy."

Trolls online may be tempted to give her unfair criticism, but Hannah Polites is secure enough in herself and her body - even after two kids - to tell them exactly where to go.