J.K. Rowling gave an amazing present to a "broke" single dad and his daughter

J.K. Rowling gave an amazing present to a "broke" single dad and his daughter

Thanks to the Internet, fans can interact with their favorite authors, actors and Kardashians instantaneously. Your tweet or IG comment might get lost in the flood of messages from rabid fans. But there's chance they might see it, and that interaction could lead to a moment you'll treasure forever.

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books defined a generation, inspiring millions of kids to put down their video games and pick up a book. Kids grew up with the series, as each book got progressively darker. Rowling created a fascinating fantasy world that readers didn't want to leave. Also, she told a captivating story, full of indelible characters that have become a part of pop culture. Other fantasy series came and went, but Harry Potter continues to resonate, over twenty years after the first book's release.

The books have also brought people together. Matt Burke is a 30-something single dad in Tallahassee, Florida. In an online essay, "Being the Broke Parent," he writes about his attempts to bond with his 9-year-old daughter on a budget. Since he can't afford a computer and they don't have a television, it's been a bit of a challenge.

"Despite my inability to pay for the long distance trips, the theme parks, or what-have-you, I've made up for by using my head and making attempts at being constructively creative with our time together.

The main thing that occupies us these days . . . is reading books together. Through my own recent love of reading, I acquired a library card for myself, as well as one for her, so that we can check out all of the books we want and read them as wanted over their 21-day checkout period. This has led us to some absolutely incredible times, even better conversations, as well as memories that I wouldn't change for the world."

Matt goes on to reveal that he used to think he was "too cool" for Harry Potter. (Silly Muggle.) Much like those owls delivering letters from Hogwarts, the books could not be ignored. When he finally gave the series a try, he loved them just much as his daughter. "At the time of this writing, we're halfway through the second book, and we're having an absolute BLAST reading them together." (Just wait till you get book seven, Matt!)

The 'broke parent' was so grateful, he tweeted his article to J.K. Rowling, writing, "I’m a single parent, broke as can be, and reading the Harry Potter series together has become one of  Matt Burke is a single dad in Tallahassee, Florida. Doubt you’ll come across this or read this piece, but I just wanted to say thanks for the assist. ??"

Surprisingly, Rowing did come across his tweet, and responded with an amazing message. She wrote, "The gifts you’re giving your daughter are priceless and I’m truly honoured that Harry & co are playing a part. DM me your address for a set of signed Potters x." Matt replied, "Oh my, my head is about to explode. You are too kind, thank you so much. I'll DM you my address ASAP." He went on to express his awe as the interaction went viral, and his notifications "went insane" with emotional responses.

Well, a signed set of Harry Potter novels is a pretty sweet present - almost as cool as a Firebolt! You don't need money to be happy. After all, Harry Potter grew up broke, and he turned out pretty well. (Although, like most jocks, he totally peaked in high school.)