James Corden responds to Carpool Karaoke revelation that he doesn’t drive the car

James Corden responds to Carpool Karaoke revelation that he doesn’t drive the car

Yesterday, many fans of James Corden and his astonishingly successful interview vehicle Carpool Karaoke were left blindsided and bereft after it was revealed that the erstwhile Gavin and Stacey actor does not, in fact, drive during the segment.

While some might see Carpool Karaoke as a transparent mechanism for Corden to prove that he can sing in harmony - we get it, you've spotted a gap in the market for a Brit on Broadway but could you please sing at a volume that allows us to actually hear the guest star in the passenger seat - it has become a monumentally popular segment.

To see how Carpool Karaoke is really filmed, check out the video below:

This has been proven not only by the millions of YouTube hits that each video garners, but also the calibre of guests that he has enticed into the car. We've had everyone from Madonna to One Direction merrily singing along to their hits with the ebullient Corden in tandem, but one aspect of the show has been brought into sharp relief, after it was revealed yesterday that Corden is not actually driving while they film the segment. Next they'll be telling us he's not really late for work, either.

Fans went into an immediate and dramatic tailspin at the news:

And now, the Late Late Show with James Corden Twitter account has chimed in on the monumental news, poking fun at the whole affair by dropping another pretend shock on fans of the show:

"guys, we don't even use a real car," they wrote, alongside a picture of Corden clasping a steering wheel in the studio. 

This tweet prompted a whole host of responses, most of them pleading with Corden to get Louis Tomlinson for Carpool Karaoke. One industrious fan even asked if they could send over the Range Rover if they don't actually need it for filming. Hey, if you don't ask, you don't get, right?