James Corden reveals why Kanye West has never been on 'Carpool Karaoke'

James Corden reveals why Kanye West has never been on 'Carpool Karaoke'

James Corden's 'Carpool Karaoke' segment is a massive hit, and such a simple idea. The jovial late night host hops in a car with famous musical guests - Mariah Carey, Harry Styles, Adele - and belts their hit singles. He also peppers them with questions, and some episodes are ambitious. When Paul McCartney appeared, they went for a UK tour, visiting famous landmarks in London and Liverpool. When the Beatle revealed the emotional story behind "Let It Be," he brought Corden to tears.

But there's one huge musical artist who's never appeared on the segment: Kanye West. Kanye went from a critically acclaimed producer to a superstar rapper to one of the most influential music icons of his generation (even if you think he's a jerk). With 15 years of hits, 21 Grammy Awards, and countless batshit crazy rants, you'd assume Yeezy already appeared on Carpool Karoake. But no. So, what's the deal? After the government's botched response to Hurricane Katrina, Kanye claimed "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Does James Corden not care about Kanye people?!

On last night's episode of The Late Late Show, Kris Jenner appeared as a guest, and played a game of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts." Like Carpool Karoake, it's a simple concept, but very entertaining. The guest and the host have to choose between spilling their guts (honestly answering a question) or eating something disgusting (grasshoppers, sardine smoothie, pig head jelly). When Steven Tyler appeared, he put Corden on the spot, asking, "Has any guest ever been so annoyed they walked off the show?" (The answer? Bryan Adams.)

Jenner took the opportunity to ask Corden why Kanye never appeared on Carpool Karaoke. Rather than eat a 1,000 year old egg, Corden explained that he tried - twice - but Kanye cancelled both times. One time, he cancelled at the very last minute, while the host was waiting outside his house!

“Oh, I can answer this easily. This is a great question for me. We’ve tried. He’s canceled twice. ... He canceled once as I was turning the corner to his house. I was in a car, and by the time the call finished, I was sat outside his house, and they were like, ‘He’s not in the zone for it right now. We’ll do it another time.’"

These cancellations cost the show $45,000. (What, you think people in television work for free, and these segments require no planning?) However, Corden doesn't hold any grudges because 'Ye got him a present.

"He did send me a lovely gift. He sent me these incredible flowers in a cube… and he sent me a pair of Yeezys [shoes]. And people were like, ‘Whoa, they’re so expensive.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, they cost my show $45,000.’ But, we love him, he’s my dream! He knows that. He’s my absolute dream and we sit and wait … That’s exactly why."

After getting cancelled on twice, Corden still wants to do a Carpool Karaoke segment with Kanye. Maybe the third time's the charm.