Jason Momoa hilariously photobombs couple's wedding photos on Hawaii beach

Jason Momoa hilariously photobombs couple's wedding photos on Hawaii beach

Jason Momoa is one hell of a showman, and it's not like he keeps it all aside for the big screen either. Even when his day job on movie and television sets is over and done with, he seems to take pleasure in entertaining the general public, and this week isn't any different.

The actor is best known for his role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, but in more recent years he's jumped into the role of Aquaman, first in Justice League in 2017, and now with his own solo movie. And it looks like he's pretty happy about being in the spotlight, as he brought the fun to the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere.

Joined by his two young children, and various Hawaiian and New Zealand castmembers from the new movie, Momoa led a performance of the Māori ceremonial dance the haka - and it was incredible.

More recently, the star may be winding down a bit. The many interviews and appearances he's been doing to promote Aquaman are mostly done, so it's time for him to chill out a bit back in his home state of Hawaii. However, he's still a celebrity - which means a few people are still going to try and snap a few photos with him - especially if he's out and about on the beaches.

The actor was reportedly approached by a group of young fans on Thursday this week, who asked him for a photo. They came prepared with their very own trident (well, a quindent, but who's counting?) for him to have as they took the photo - but after taking it, Momoa spotted a couple taking their wedding photos, and had the bright idea to mess with them just a little bit.

The couple were taking some romantic photos for their wedding when they were surprised by the actor, whose photobombs made the snaps even more memorable.

"I think we were just in disbelief," newlywed Brandon Myers told Hawaii News Now. "I mean, we didn't expect for any of that to happen or know that he was here or anything like that, so it was just fun."

“It’s crazy. I mean, we woke up to a bunch of different text messages and calls and it’s overwhelming, but it’s just part of the fun. He was really gracious, really down-to-earth and was more than happy to add something special to our day.”

Credit: Eric Mansperger

“I mean it was our wedding day so were just in this blissed-out state” said Katie Myers. “I almost kind of felt I was in a bit of a dream, like, ‘Oh yeah this isn’t real, this isn’t him.’”

Credit: Eric Mansperger

“That trident that he had he borrowed from a kid on the beach and I saw him sign it and gifting it after, so it was pretty cool to see him just be so nice and sweet and gracious."

Funnily enough, this isn't the first time that Momoa has photobombed a couple's photos in a hilarious way.