Woman incredibly trolls her husband in hilarious picture with Jason Momoa

Woman incredibly trolls her husband in hilarious picture with Jason Momoa

There are few experiences in life more exciting than meeting your favourite celebrity. Imagine how triumphant you must feel when you finally have the chance to banter with your idol, the person who you most look up to and respect. It's what events like Comic-Con were invented for; to give star-struck nerds the opportunity to meet and greet the people they worship.

Most of the time, the lines for pictures and autographs at these events are pretty damn long, and you might be stood waiting for hours before you get a chance to snap a quick selfie and stammer your appreciation of their work. But occasionally, the stars go that extra mile for their fans - and the result always turns out to be legendary.

Recently, actor Jason Momoa (famous for playing the part of ripped barbarian stud Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, and ripped Atlantean stud Aquaman in Justice League) attended Comic-Con in Denver, Colorado. There he indulged fans with a photo-op, and when one woman asked for a photo alone with him, hilarity, and trolling, soon ensued.

You see, Jason Momoa is best-known for being a major hunk - I mean, there's a reason he's shirtless in most of his movies. So when this lady asked him for a picture together, her husband, who was feeling a bit outclassed, wasn't totally into the idea of his wife ending up in another man's (gigantic) arms.

Thus, he insisted that he photobomb Momoa and his wife. "I told my husband I wanted a picture alone with Jason Momoa, but he wasn’t comfortable with that," she stated. She then shared the signed picture on Reddit, which shows her standing with Momoa, who is holding her spouse at arm's length.

Apparently, Momoa was a big fan of how the snap turned out. According to Reddit-user 'Twoforjoy" (the lucky lady who uploaded the image) "He was all about it. When he saw the print-out to sign it, he said, 'This is f*cking amazing." There was no word on her husband's opinion on the matter, but I think I can guess that it wasn't positive.

Other Redditors who have also met Momoa also shared anecdotes about what a kind dude he is. A user with the handle '976chip' wrote: "I met him at DragonCon in 2010 before GoT debuted. There was no one at his booth. When I was walking up to him he greeted me like I was a friend he hadn’t seen in years and wasn’t expecting to show up. I talked to him for about five minutes. He was exceptionally friendly and laid back," while another added: "I work in Belfast so I've served a few of the Game of Thrones cast/crew etc a few times. Served Jason twice ... That man can drink beer like it's water though it's impressive as sh*t."

To be honest, I'm not I'd trust my girlfriend around him either. That guy is hot as hell.