Jason Momoa just won Halloween with Elvis costume

Jason Momoa just won Halloween with Elvis costume

In a recent appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa thrilled the audience with his Elvis Presley costume.

Ever the showman, Momoa descended from the top of the stairs at the studio and made his way through the audience in his Elvis gear.

"I am obsessed with Elvis, slightly," Jason told host Ellen DeGeneres while giving an uncanny impression of the King of Rock 'n' Roll. "I just love him. My momma raised me on him and I'm so obsessed, I bought a bike like him. I got an old '55 pink Cadillac."

Jason Momoa wins Halloween with his Elvis costume:

And this certainly wasn't the first time he honoured the legendary singer. "Actually I did it on Halloween when I was 19, and that was my first time in Los Angeles. I was working on a little show called Baywatch," he revealed.

"I was working with—there were a lot of beautiful women—and they invited me to a Halloween party in Los Angeles," Jason recalled. "It was my first time in Los Angeles and it was the Playboy mansion. And so, 19-year-old Jason showed up as a young Elvis, and this is my second time playing Elvis. Halloween's good to me."

The hunky actor also had a funny anecdote to share about his former Game of Thrones castmates and a certain Mother of Dragon's 33rd birthday celebration.

"Kit's shy and he doesn't like social media as much as I do," he explained. "Every time I see him, I get excited. I'm an excitable guy. So, me, him and Emilia get together and he's like, 'Ugh, let me guess, this is going to be all over the Internet?' And so, I said, 'I promise you, buddy, I won't post it.' So, it was my phone, of course I would send it to Emilia because we're tight—and I knew Emilia would post it. Kitty, I didn't post it, man!"