Jason Momoa was just asked about being body-shamed and his response was perfect

Jason Momoa was just asked about being body-shamed and his response was perfect

Women are body shamed daily. Pretty much every star under the sun - from Jordyn Woods to Wendy Williams - has had people comment on their physique. Now, none other than Jason Momoa has joined the club of the celebrity body shamed. That's right, Jason Mamoa - AKA that super-fit Aquaman actor. People are accusing him of not having abs. HA!

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Earlier this month, paparazzi caught the actor vacationing with his family in his swimsuit, like we all do. Well, those who keep close tabs on Jason's physique noticed that maybe he wasn't nearly as chiseled as he was in his Aquaman days, as if it even matters in any case.

While many comments on a Us Weekly Instagram post defend the actor's body, others read: "This is what it looks like when he lets himself go" and "Omg, what happened to the abs?"

Now, the actor has added his own two cents on the matter. In a video that TMZ caught of Jason leaving the airport, he says that he wasn't at all offended by people saying he had a dad bod. When the reporter asked him if he was, he just patted his stomach and said that he enjoyed his recent birthday cake.

Earlier this week, Jason's buddies threw him a surprise party for his birthday. All of the actor's friends showed up to the event, and there was apparently a whole lot of Guinness flowing. Some pints even had Jason's face printed on the foam. He posted a Instagram video of the surprise:

Good on him for not caring what other people think. Even if his vacation body has a few less abs on it, I think he still looks sexy as all hell. With the actor's 40th birthday coming later this week, I hope he eats all the cake he wants. He deserves it.