Jason Momoa's bizarre Super Bowl commercial has left viewers seriously 'disturbed'

Jason Momoa's bizarre Super Bowl commercial has left viewers seriously 'disturbed'

Last night, an estimated 100 million Americans up and down the country watched as the Kansas City Chiefs secured their victory at Super Bowl LIV. And as is the case every year, plenty of brands, allocated a slot in the advertising program, do their best to take advantage of this massive viewership.

Hoping to attract the attention of a considerable audience, companies often feature A-list celebrities in their commercials in order to one-up their competitors. In fact, one of the most talked-about ads to air last night featured none other than Aquaman hunk, Jason Momoa.

Take a look at the commercial below:

But to the dismay (in some cases) of some of the actor's biggest fans, the commercial shattered the heartthrob's reputation - albeit in jest - as one of the most ripped actors in Hollywood.

Indeed, in the commercial, by Rocket Mortgage, Momoa plays on the idea that he can “kick back and be totally comfortable in [his] own skin” while in the comfort of his own home.

In a bid to be his "true self", the 40-year-old sheds his famous muscles bit by bit and progressively reveals a much slimmer physique. He also reveals the "true" state of his hair, with a sizable bald patch visible towards the end of the ad.

Credit: PA

Right at the end, Momoa is joined by his wife Lisa Bonet who helps her husband as he struggles through a workout.

In any case, plenty of viewers took to Twitter to express how "disturbed" they were by the commercial.

"This Jason Momoa Rocket Mortgage commercial is really disturbing please don’t ever show it again,” one person wrote.

Credit: PA

“Lisa Bonnet is the only thing that saved that weird a** Jason Momoa commercial. I’m honestly unsettled [sic],” one person agreed.

"This is NOT what I was expecting from the Rocket Mortgage commercial with Jason Momoa," a third fan wrote alongside three crying emojis.

If anything, this little episode has taught us that Jason Momoa is perfect exactly as he is.