Jazz Jennings shows gender surgery scars in swimsuit Instagram post

Jazz Jennings shows gender surgery scars in swimsuit Instagram post

YouTube personality and LGBTQ+ rights activist, Jazz Jennings, has taken to Instagram to show off her gender confirmation surgery scars in a swimsuit snap.

The 19-year-old referred to the scars on her upper thighs as her "battle wounds" in the Instagram post, which she published on Wednesday. "I’m proud of my scars and love my body just the way it is," she captioned the picture. "I call them my battle wounds because they signify the strength and perseverance it took to finally complete my transition."

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The comments section was quickly inundated with praise for Jennings. "Proud of you and your journey!" wrote one social media user, while another corroborated "You’re the strongest person I know."

The reality television star's mother even took to the comments to express her love. "My sweet girl, you are the strongest and bravest of all the souls I’ve even known and I’m blessed to be your mom. Your scars are just as beautiful as you the rest of you. I love you with all that I am. You make me proud everyday," she wrote.

Jennings underwent her gender confirmation surgery in June of 2018. Speaking to ABC News' "Nightline" co-anchor Juju Chang about the process, she said. "When I was 2 years old, I went up to my mom and asked her, 'When is the good fairy going to come with her magic wand and change my penis into a vagina?"

"It was like a dream. It was. This is a moment that I had always envisioned and just experiencing it was so surreal. I was like I can't believe this is happening," she continued.

She has been documenting her journey on the award-winning TLC reality television show, I Am Jazz, which returned for a fifth season on January of 2019.