Jessie J is embracing her ‘cellulite’ on Instagram and fans are loving her for it

Jessie J is embracing her ‘cellulite’ on Instagram and fans are loving her for it

Jessie J is showing just how relatable she is to her millions of fans with her Instagram posts. Wouldn't you know it - her fans are absolutely loving the singer's honesty.

In the modern Instagram age, it's easy to get disillusioned by the people you can sometimes see on the site, but celebrities can sometimes take that to another level. In sharing a picture of herself at the beach (posting what I believe is called a 'belfie'), Jessie J gave us a look of her butt, but more importantly of her "cellulite".

Even better, she took the time to tell us that she was perfectly aware of her cellulite, but she just doesn't give AF. "Oh and for those telling me I have cellulite. I know. I own a mirror," she quipped in her caption for the photo, and fans are going wild for her awesome show of authenticity.

"Can’t believe some people! You have a fabulous butt and I seriously had to zoom in to see what your [sic] talking about! I still don’t see it!!" said @debbiemorgan94, before @jake_the_whippet added: "You look great! If you want to see some real cellulite let me know!"

They're not the only ones, my friends: so many people are loving how authentic Jessie J's picture is. Like @ashley_hakanson: "Your the one who taught me to love my body and skin and that I am a goddess and a queen I love you your [sic] a big inspiration."

That confirms it, ladies and gents: Jessie J is an inspiration to her fans on Instagram (if not all over the world). She reiterated that further with her recent comments about comparisons between herself and her boyfriend Channing Tatum's ex, Jenna Dewan.

Check out Jessie's "subtle" hint she sent to Channing in Instagram:

People were debating about who was prettier, but Jessie had tried to pass off the comparisons with an Instagram comment saying "positive vibes all the way". However, she was forced to make a statement, saying that she was unhappy with how everybody seemed to care only about their looks.

"I am here to talk about the headline and the way the story has been written, I have continuously tried to find something positive from this article…I am yet to," she said in a post on Instagram.

"You only have to look at a few of the comment to see that these stories are not inspiring women support women but mostly women ripping other women down. I am so disappointed and embarrassed that my name is even involved. It's not something I stand for, at all.

"I am a woman that supports ALL women. I am a woman that loves ALL women and will not stand quietly when the media is teach young girls to constantly compare one another. Or to pick who they think is prettier."

Well said, Jessie J. Between this riposte to needless celebrity gossip and her amazing cellulite pic up there, it's clear that Jessie J's one of the good ones.

Check out Jessie singing with her mouth CLOSED! I've never seen anything like this: