JK Rowling sends absolutely magical 'Harry Potter' gifts to 12-year-old fan

JK Rowling sends absolutely magical 'Harry Potter' gifts to 12-year-old fan

Ever since the release of the first Harry Potter book back on 26th June 1997 (nearly exactly 21 years ago to the day), the world has been obsessed with The Boy Who Lived. And, six more books, eight films, and several other spin-offs later, JK Rowling - the series' author - continues to be beheld by many as someone who puts a lot of time and effort into engaging with her fanbase.

Despite having 14.5 million Twitter followers, Rowling very often uses her social media platform to interact with people who have questions and observations about the HP series. What's more, she's always happy to help someone out when she can.

So, when Sabbah Haji Baji, the director of Haji Public School in Jammu and Kashmir, India, reached out to the author back in April, she was hopeful for a response.

Within two hours, Rowling responded.

"Please can you send me Kulsum's full name by DM?" she asked. "I'd love to send her something."

At the time, the author did not elaborate on what it was she was planning on sending, but fans who were familiar with her philanthropic good deeds could already tell that she had something fantastic up her sleeve.

"Wow!! Mam you are a wonderful human being and i cant even imagine how happy that little girl would be feeling," commented one fan. "Massive respect for you mam. Big fan of your works."

"God I love you. Keep making the world a better place!" added another.

Now, a couple of months later, Baji has posted a Twitter update to let the world know what Rowling sent to Kulsum and her fellow students - and it's truly magical.

Inside a huge cardboard package, Rowling had sent over individually wrapped parcels of Harry Potter goodies: books, toys, games - the lot! And it's evident from the students' faces in the pictures that they were utterly thrilled to receive such a generous gift.

If anyone was happier than Kulsum, though, it was Rowling herself.

And, once again, hundreds of Potterheads chimed in to thank the author for her outstanding generosity.

"You are such an amazing person," said one grateful fan. "Not only inspirational and creative but classy. You have done so much for children's reading in general."

One other person commented: "So thrilled just reading this! Happy for Kulsum, her classmates. What a fantastic life lesson for her, that it’s possible to connect to everybody in the world and reach out."

As anyone who follows Rowling's work will know, though, this is just the tip of the iceberg of her charitable good nature. For decades now, the author has been contributing to causes that specialise in eradicating poverty and promoting children's welfare, and actually founded her own charity, which is named Lumos after one of the spells from the Harry Potter series.

Her gift to Kulsum and her friends was an undeniably good deed - but Rowling should be acknowledged for all the fantastic work she does off social media, too. Her books may have brought happiness to millions of children, but her kind nature has changed the lives of perhaps even more.