John C. Reilly's hot son is a famous TikTok star

John C. Reilly's hot son is a famous TikTok star

Its always good when the kids of celebrities turn out to be every bit as talented as their parents, especially when they manage to succeed in something different than the path that their mom and dad chose. For instance, did you know that's Harrison Ford's son is a respected chef in his own right? It's true!

But now another celebrity's offspring is managing to get himself noticed on Instagram and TikTok thanks to his incredible musical talent and good looks, although plenty of people are pretty damn surprised to learn who his father is.

Watch this guy try (and fail) to complete a TikTok challenge: 

Yes, Leo Reily, the son of Magnolia and Wreck-It-Ralph actor John C. Reily, has managed to forge a new career for himself as a model, singer and TikTok star. According to a recent report by YourTango, Leo is interested in fashion, and last year he had the honor of modeling for Moschino.

Not only that, but he's also been releasing music on his various social media accounts. He's been pretty successful too. He released his first single (entitled: "Boyfren") along with an accompanying music video, on his very own YouTube channel, and has been taking part in more than a few TikTok challenges.

Talking about himself in a recent interview for FIDM, Leo stated: "I’m 20 years old. I’m from LA. And I didn’t know how to snap my fingers until I was in high school. I make music, clothes, and pictures. I’ve been making music for roughly five years and I’m currently signed to a music label here in LA."

He continued: "I’ve been making clothes for a few years as well and I’m almost ready to release my first mini-collection. I have a pet fish named Atticus who is an absolute angel. I can juggle pretty well too if that counts for anything."

He added: "I want to have my music career and fashion career go hand in hand ... I also want to have a space where people can do concerts, runway shows, pop up shops, really whatever they want."

So if you'd like to keep up with Reily's son, then why not scoot over to one of his many platforms and start following him?