John Cena explains his new hairstyle after being savagely trolled online

John Cena explains his new hairstyle after being savagely trolled online

It's never a nice feeling when you walk into the office on a Monday morning and your co-workers make it clear they don't like your new haircut.

You know what's even worse though? The whole world making it absolutely crystal clear that they find your new hairdo utterly ridiculous, making it into a viral meme.

Tragically, this was the situation John Cena found himself in when he stepped out into the WWE ring last weekend to make his comeback.

The match saw the 16-time world champion team up with Bobby Lashley against Kevin Owens and Elias at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.

But, as the 41-year-old star walked out into the ring to make his hotly anticipated homecoming, his audience wasn't paying much attention to his wrestling moves. The thing that really caught their attention? His hair.

John showed off off a new, longer haircut in replacement of his usual buzz cut and the big change caused ripples online, with hundreds taking to Twitter to savage him for the change.

The tweets were brutal, and seemingly endless. But the big question was: why? Did John simply fancy changing it up? Or was there a hidden motive behind his cut?

All was finally revealed recently on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon when the Blockers actor opened up about #HairGate last night. Unsurprisingly, there is a reason for the big change: it's for a film role.

Keen to talk about it, the professional wrestler - who is shooting a movie with Jackie Chan called Project X - told the talk show host: "Now that we're all here, let's get into it. With the state of haircuts that are on television today, people are talking about mine?"

While Fallon insisted that he liked it, John was less enthusiastic about the situation, self-deprecatingly replying: "It's official, you are kind, and may be losing your sight."

He continued: "I had to grow it out for a role and I am trying my best to manage it, like they style it out differently on the set, they asked me to grow it out and I said no problem. I left for China , so the last time people saw me I had the traditional short crew cut and now I came back and this ball of wax that's on my head, so now everyone's like, 'Man, you ruined my childhood.' Or I came back and wrestled in Australia and it really was met with some heavy negativity."

Unfortunately for the 41-year-old, he will be forced to keep the hairdo for another two months. However, the star has insisted that the moment he is free, it is gone.

"I have to keep it for another two months, but after that, because of what everyone has said..." he explained.

Don't listen to the haters, John. If you love it, keep it.